4 survival tips for startups

I saw many people saying that – ‘Oh I could not save my new business’, ‘I failed to get enough momentum’, ‘I wish I could do some magic to survive my business.’ and bla, bla, bla… I wonder why people directly kick-start their business without any systematic homework. Today I want to share some really nice things with you. some simple, common survival tips for startups – which will certainly help your startups from getting ruined.

1. Understand and analyze potential market.

The most common and the most important thing to consider is, how potential the market or user is for your product or your service. Do people really require it? How many competitor are there, what are their financial capabilities, their background, etc. Study everything.

2. Don’t underestimate quality customer service.

Customer expectations are always high. Try to offer them quality services at affordable rate. Try to establish ‘beyond professional’ relations with the customers – it may be a key to retain them with you.

3. Keep all distractions away.

All your concentration should be on serving to customers only. For example, avoid staff training or costly campaigning during startup since all are nothing but distractions. Those may be certainly useful for business but not at startups. They just take your time and attention away.

4. Never loose your courage.

Don’t get afraid of small small hurdles and never give up. Keep focus on the goal and keep trying on. 🙂


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