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For last few years, there is a growing boom for social media marketing and social media branding. Today we see almost every company having specialists, responsible for managing its social media presence. You won’t believe but almost every industry giant companies hire such specialists at higher scales and high packages.

Most of us believes that social media specialist simply sit and answer customer questions on Facebook/Twitter, put some update, few follows, likes, comments, and shares and get high salaries every month.

If you are looking to get hired or you are recruiting people for such position, here are five skills for social media job – that will make the job actually far more easier.

1. Determining taste of audience

Analyzing abilities of social media specialist matters a lot. He/she should be able to determine reader’s or follower’s taste, for example, what they like the most, as these are the ways which may ensure the content is seen by large number of audience.

2. Awareness of analytics tools

When starting up businesses using social media, there were limited tools available for measuring how the campaigning is going, therefore social media specialists are expected to be familiar with multiple analytics tools.

Each social media platform has its own analytics tool and withe the help of some popular tools like Google Analytics, social media specialist must be aware of  how to use a such tools, as each one will provide different value to achieve company goals. Some recommended tools are Facebook Insights, Google Analytics and BuzzSumo.

3. Knowledge of marketing and advertising technics

General expectations from social media personnel includes interaction and engagement with potential audience. This includes responding to comments through inspiring conversation, and getting audience to share the content. So social media professional need to know how to talk to customers in the best way appropriate for the organization.

The big picture of interacting with audience is making sure they see your shares, posts for which Facebook’s advanced ads-creation tool is the best tool. Similarly Power Editor of Facebook creates ads with extensive copy — much more copy than is allowed when you create ads in Facebook’s Ads Manager.

In short, any business entering the industry should have a thorough knowledge of Facebook ads. If help is required how to use them effectively, Googling is the best strategy 🙂 🙂

4. Ability to identify targeted audience

Goal of social media campaigning is to enhance reaching for maximum number of audience. The content to be shared on each platform should be different and unique based on followers on that platform. This is the first point where the challenge is to understand what content is best suited for Facebook and what’s better for Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or other platform. Once a person determine this, then, he should be able to decide effective content for each specific platform.

If we look at the the social media campaigning strategy of some well known industry giants, they promote the same products on the two channels, but the image and content are slightly different in each channel.

In short a social media specialist should be able to determine smartly that how to and what to communicate with different audience of different regions.

5. Ability to generate unique content.

As we know, to write content is a major and equally important part of the job of any social media specialist. Similarly the ability to create info graphic content is also a crucial part. If 80 out of 100 small businesses use social media to drive growth. That means there’s a lot of competition for all of them and also chance for unique contents decreases dramatically.

To withstand such tough competition, a social media specialist needs to have the ability to create a powerful visual brand across all your social media channels, and must follow the best posting strategy that includes a variety of creative and eclectic content, including images, videos, ebooks, promotions, and landing pages. The more diverse your content portfolio is, the better chance you have of being a successful social media manager.

So the experienced social media personnel is expected to be aware of such tools like Canva, an easy-to-use design tool for creating photos for Facebook posts and ads to images for your social profiles, presentations and blogs.


The role of social media manager has become a necessity for businesses, so keep your resume and skills fresh and up to date by staying on top of the latest trends, tools, and best practices — and you’ll have better odds of landing the job you want.

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