Tips for Small Business

5 tips for small business

We often see small business owners struggling to get a good revenue generation and to maintain steady and irreversible growth. Here are few quick tips for small business owner to achieve their goals.

  • Always have a website for your business. Let people know about your product or service through website. Customers should be able to make an online query for their requirements.
  • Get Social. Be active on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Connect to more and more people. Keep your connections updated about every small new things you do via frequent posting on such websites.
  • Keep profit margin as low as possible to get more business in competitive market. Try to identify the cost of your products or services in the market. Study how you can get more business by offering lowest prices compared to your competitors at initial stages.
  • Try to introduce home delivery if possible. Always remember, the customer will only look at you if he feel comfort in dealing with you. You can offer him a free home delivery as a part of this strategy.
  • Let people know about your product or service through website. Always try to wish your old customers on some good occasions like Diwali, Id, Christmas, etc. You can also wish them via a telephone call or writing a letter. The agenda should be clear – keep contact live.


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