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Its always a non-functional person who starts the project communication with end client. The person can be a non-technical guy, but he can always keep a checklist to start the project the most effective way… follow be below list each time you start the initial communication with client. Let’s have a look on some effective ways to start a new project or business.



  • Stake holder’s name, contact details, and technology they are working on
  • Stake holder’s role
  • frequency of communication (when to have call, internal team meet inc etc)
  • Who will be the business/application/website’s end users

Now after the requirements are clear, the time is for detailed SRS/scope document of the project. Checkout the details below to know what to keep in SRS/scope document.

  • Problem description
  • Business unit(s)
  • affected business processes/enabling services
  • solution urgency
  • project timeframe (start/end, phases)
  • project scope
  • known risks 

I am very much sure that if any non-technical person will follow the above technique before and after any project is finalized, the clients will receive the exact thing they wanted. 🙂 🙂 🙂





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