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Soft strategies for successful startup – Part 1

For any business to flourish it’s important to set the tone right from Day 1.  It doesn’t matter if your organisation is an internationally successful company with thousands of employees or you are starting from your living room in a one (wo)man show, it’s very important that you develop the right way to grow your business.

The definition is quite fluid but can be defined an ever changing set of beliefs, values and attitude of the business and business strategy. Culture influences the day to day running and management of any organisation and its overall success and long term future.


The three most important aspects (according to me) of a good, solid organisational culture for successful startup are:

Values, Vision and Mission (VVM)

These are of course different elements but they all revolve around what the company says about itself (best practice) – what it wants to be, where it wants to go. It is very important to have a clear statement about the company and to stick to it every day. These statements give an insight into the organisation and give direction to people who are or potentially will be connected to it.

The team – no organisation can be successful without people who are on-board with the concept and execution. Whether a permanent employee or a contractor it is very important to make sure you take time and effort into recruitment. A bad ‘fit’ can bring down team morale and productivity and can cost the business money. The smaller the company the more wary the owner or recruitment team should be of the people that they hire. The position description and interview process should clearly reflect what is expected of the new addition to the team.

Practices and decisions – are you actually doing as you preach? Your business has a good theory base in its VVM but is it being implemented? A business, especially a small or start up business can only be successful if the VVM and practices are in alignment. All the choices an organisation makes, build its reputation and therefore its business.It is vitally important that every time a business decision is made, the decision makers stop and think; is this just a financially based decision or does this choice fit my company culture and does it build the right reputation?  If the answer is no, people will eventually find out the reality.

Organisational culture is ever changing, so setting the right atmosphere and environment for your business from the beginning, sets up a smooth, successful process for the future. The three components provide a solid base for shaping and effectively managing culture and should be the first point of call when wanting to change the culture of an organisation.

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