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5 most popular food startups in India

Now a days, the number of online food startups in India is surging attributable to the pattern where individuals are expected to work for extended hours at work or getting stuck in traffic. A notable piece of the professional population depends on food apps particular in form mobile apps where people can easily order their desired food instantly by just a few clicks. The startup scopes are growing exponentially as the young generation has shunned conventional jobs  for innovative, out of the box business ideas. Lately, the food startups have been grabbing the spotlight in the startup industry. So here are top 5 food startups gaining popularity in India.

Indians are exhibiting a growing appetite for both food and startups – The Economic Times

1. Faasos

faasosI am quite sure you all must have listen a Radio ad for Faasos.  Faasos is a food ordering and delivery startup which offers quality food on demand. Both veg and non-veg delicacies gets delivered at your doorstep in hygienic wraps. Faasos makes a solid presence in Gurgaon, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Vadodara, Chennai, Pune and Indore with 125 fulfillment centers. Notching up 1.5 lakh orders though its mobile app, the food startup aims big to achieve 3 lakh orders in the next few months.

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2. Eatelish

eatelishThe startup has been established in 2013 when two friends- Shipra Bhansali and Tanul Mishra, decided to sell subscription boxes, individual products including condiments,  dry snacks, spices and beverages. The company celebrates food and the incredible tastes of almost all types of Indian cuisine. It brings along variety flavors of food across the country to soothe your taste buds. Apart from sharing warm food stories, recipes, cooking, flavors and experiences, Eatelish also brings a wide range of aromatic flavors, ideas, spices and handpicked delights to shop from.

3. The Beer Cafe

beer-cafeWhen it come to liker industry of India, we must notice a beer chain startup called ‘The Beer Cafe’. In 2010, after spending 15 years in the corporate world, Rahul Singh, the CEO, realized that it wasn’t his cup of tea. He pitched the Beer Cafe, an alcoholic beverage service brand, which in just three years expanded aggressively to 23 outlets. The first outlet of this beer chain was opened in Gurgaon in the year 2010. The Cafe serves beer and has cheerful and bright ambiance. Singh mortgaged his own house for a loan and the first year revenue was close to 5 crore.

4. iTiffin

iTiffinBengaluru based Tapas Kumar Das, founder of iTiffin, turned into an entrepreneur to bring in healthy food across India. Here, the investors have pumped their money to meet the necessity of health-conscious customers. iTiffin serves nutritious food having high quality and minimal calories suiting the health and wellness of their customers. The company makes sure that they use the right food ingredients and process them it a way that the nutrition is not lost. Customers can order weekly and monthly meals at 500-800 and 1,800-3,000 respectively.

5. Lluvia

lluviaA lady from Bengaluru, Durga Menon was looking for a socially meaningful work. Her desire to bake healthy for her family set off Lluvia Bakery. She had also pursued a bakery course in U.S. Durga started this venture to sell healthy whole wheat food. The initial growth was a bit slow where the revenue stood at 60,000. However the business picked up steam and the year 2013 minted revenue of 12 lakh. The menu includes cakes, breads, snacks, muffins, scones, pizza and much more.

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