Angel investors – Real angles for startup

I must say, I have seen many startups which could not sustain their momentum and failed to survive due to lack of timely funding and investments so far. Both funding and investments play vital role in business life span. For every newbie entrepreneur a burning question is how to raise the fund? or where to get more investments from? which, if remain unsolved, may result in business failure. So what should be done to avoid such situation? How funding can be raised? Confused?

OK. Let me pull the curtains up – the answer is “angel investors”. You may think, what the hell..? Now what’s this ‘angel investor’ means?

Who are angle investors? what they do?

Angel investors are individuals who lend capital or funding to business, usually in exchange of ownership equity or convertible debts. – This is the definition of an angel investor defined in wikipedia.

Angel investors are often retired entrepreneurs or executives, who purely interested in investing in business for reasons that go beyond pure monetary return. These include wanting to keep abreast of current developments in a particular business arena, mentoring another generation of entrepreneurs, and making use of their experience and networks on a less than full-time basis. Thus, in addition to funds, angel investors can often provide valuable management advice and important contacts based on their experience and expertise.

Everyone knows Warren Buffet. He also worked as an angel investor. Similarly, Rakesh Zunzunwala is big name among Indian angel investors.

How can I invite angel investors to invest into my business?

There are plenty of websites available on internet which can help you to connect to appropriate angel investor once you submit your business plan or business strategy. I can give you the names of such websites in India. For example, Indian Angel Network and where you can find details of India’s various active angel investors. You just need to register in these sites along with your plan-proposal. Once finished yo will be contacted by website administrator.

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