5 best rural business ideas

In India around 65% population still live in rural areas even today out of which, more than 70% population still do not get basic living needs like electricity, water supply and proper medical treatments on regular basis. The new government is constantly trying to encourage this population which attractive Government scheme like, Pradhanmantri Jan Dhan Yojna, Pradhanmantri Jivan Jyoti Yojna, Pradhanmantri Jivan Surakhsha Yojna, Mundra Bank Yojna, etc. The agenda is to let these population enter in main financial stream of the country. These way the Government is trying to bring the rural lifestyle level up. Government is also encouraging people to invest their money in infrastructure sector as well as motivating to do business in such areas by giving notable taxation relief.

It’s really ideal situation for those who want to do business in rural areas. Here are some best rural business ideas which can really help rural population to overcome their backward lifestyle.

Business is certainly not only about making money, but it is also for helping others to fulfill their requirements.

  1. TV and Radio like Electronic goods shop: You can sell TV sets and transistors with low or zero percent finance scheme. As these days our prime minister uses All India Radio as a medium to share his ‘Man ki Baat’, you can take an advantage of the situation certainly 🙂 🙂
  2. Smart-phone, DTH shop: Smart phones are the easiest way to bringing lifestyle of these localities up. a days smart phone prices have been dropped due to heavy competition and people of rural areas can afford to have it. Once people start using it, they will gradually start using smart phone feature like internet, GPS etc. The more smart phones sold, the chances of people coming to you for recharge is more and all these is once again good for your shop or business. Along with smart phones you can also sell DTH services like Airtel, Tata Sky, etc.
  3. Insurance as well as investment consultancy Agency: You can take inspiration from various government scheme related to insurance and can open such franchise of government approved investment agency where you can encourage and convince people to enroll for Medi-Claim, Life Insurance and cash benefits like policies at minimum annual premium. You can also encourage people to enroll for PAN card or to start investing in SIP like scheme.
  4. Computer class or internet cafe: In the era of ‘Digital India’ campaigning, how can we afford to ignore the power of internet. You can launch a basic internet course at nominal fees for children of rural areas to help them to become techno-savvy . Moreover you can also earn money by helping such people to apply or enroll online for various government schemes and jobs from your internet cafe.
  5. Super market or mini mall: Launching a market place is always beneficial than opening a single item selling shop. The goal should be to setup a one stop destination where people can buy things they need in their daily routine life. Your store can have various sections for food, groceries, vegetables, kirana items, diary products, electronics items, apparels, toys, books, fashion, jewellery and beauty items, bakery items, ready made foods and snacks, etc. In short people can buy almost all things they need from one place.


I know you are wondering that all these are damn easy as far as writing is concerned. But where to get the bloody investment from? Well, you can always collaborate or tie-up with big market players from nearby city and encourage them to invest as well in such rural areas and in return there are great chances to gain huge market. If the venture get succeeded, you can always think of opening the outlet in other similar rural area.. as there are so many areas want progress 🙂 🙂 Just think of it.

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