7 business ideas with low investment in India

We see many people fed up with their job or lost their job. Many of them want to start doing some business but they do not have enough money or cash to invest. No one prefers to borrow a huge loan at initial stage. They often wonder business ideas where minimal or low investment required. Yes, ‘a low investment business ideas, some survey suggest, almost 65% of people who want to startup, search internet for business ideas for which minimum investment cost is required. So here we tried to enlist few such ideas for your reference.

Here are 7 low investment business ideas for you


  1. Social Media Freelancing: It’s the easiest job anyone can do from their home, who have intermediate level knowledge of various social media sites. For that you just need to have an computer with active internet connection. All business needs customers from different geological location to grow worldwide. Social media is the easiest channel to increase business reach to such targeted audience. Various companies are looking for such specialists to do the job for them, so you can grab the opportunity. To know more on such job description, you can read our article 5 must have skills for social media job
  2. Baby Care Center: It’s also a good business to start for housewives who often think to earn from home. You can start it within your own Appartments or Sociaty. There may be many couples in your locality where husband and wife both are working and they may need to take care of their child. If they can get a person or a place where their children are well taken care of within their own appartment or sociaty, they will surely come to you.
  3. Personal tuition or Coaching: No parents want their children to loose momentum in education field. And if they find a good tutor within their own area or locality, they will surely approach the tutor. It is a golden opportunity for you if have teaching skills. You can start giving tuition or coaching to children of your own sociaty or appartment.
  4. Yoga Consultant: Since past few years yoga awareness has been increased so much. More and More peoplepaidsocialmediajobs.com starting daily yoga practice. They may need a yoga consultant who can observer and instruct them if they are not doing yoga in right way. If you are good at yoga, you can certainly grab the opportunity.
  5. Fast food or Snacks Outlet: Today, almost every city is full of corporate culture where so many corporate offices are there and millions of employees work in these offices. Workers need refreshment in their breaks. They may need tea, coffee, cold-drinks and snacks. This is certainly a good business opportunity for those who want to grab it. You can open a fast food or snack outlet somewhere nearer to such places.
  6. Selling goods online: You can sell goods online on market places like Flipkart, SnapDeal, ShopClues and Jabong. You can register yourself as a vendor on these portals. You can do this business from your home and no major investment required. You can read the complete guide for these type of business at – Sell on Flipkart – Easiest business for women
  7. Blogging or Content writing: Almost every experts or organization are running their blogs related to various topics. They prefer to hire separate task forces to maintain their blogs and to write daily blog posts on their behalf. If you think you are good at writing, you can certainly do these type of jobs.

All these are low investment businesses those you can start easily. Except no 5, all you can start even from your home as well.

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