How to get investment for startup in India

I am a regular user cum contributor at Everyday I see plenty of users from India posting a similar sort of question about how they can get investment for startup in India and feel they are not aware of what is called ‘Angel Investors’. I often suggest them to evaluate these options but I think most of them do not understand the term itself. Recently we also published the article – Angel investors – Real angles for startup sharing the basic idea about the understanding. So in my today’s post I’ll try to give some more idea on it. How to deal with it in India specially.

As we all know, the prime minister of India has launched ‘Digital India’ campaign recently. So let’s try to identify some digital ways to get right investment for your venture or startup in India. Sounds interesting?? 🙂 🙂 Yes it is 🙂

Every entrepreneur must refer these two book in order to get fast and reliable investment from well known investors across the globe. (1) How to Get the Money You Need for Business, Personal or a Start-up Venture and (2) CROWDFUNDING: How To Get Investors to Invest in Your Business in 20 Seconds or Less

There are lots of websites where you can find suitable investors for your startup, explore their profiles, share your startup idea with them and can have an online chat with them. You do not even need contact them physically. For example, you can have a look on where you can post your own requirement or you can review all available investors and can contact them with your proposal.

a. Investment Requirement Listing

Suppose for an example, I want to start my e-commerce business and I have my business plan ready with me. Then what I’ll do is, register myself with and my information will be displayed on the website as shown in image a. an investor can see my investment requirement like this. If the investor wants to have a look on the complete requirement details then the complete requirement will look like as shown in figure given bellow.

Investment requirement details
Investment requirement details

Similarly, I can also search for suitable investors on the website based on my investment nature, locality and investor’s interest. Everything can be done online. No need to go to fields to find right investors. Isn’t it damn easy? is a similar kind of angel funding website you can use for obtaining investment or venture funds.

So just relax and get yourself free out of investment confusions for your startup. There are plenty of websites providing angel funding for your all types of requirements. All you need to do is, to contact them at earliest 🙂 🙂


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