Chennai Startup Develops Power Saver Device for Solar Units

Kripya Technologies, a Chennai-based startup set up by Dr V.G. Veeraraghavan in 2010, inspired by late Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, has turn out with the cost effective inverter that works in on-matrix as well as off-matrix modes. As a part of this significant advancement which can contribute a major help to the reception of sun energy in energy starved nations like India, a Chennai based startup has turn out with an unique power saver gadget – a dual mode micro-inverter.

“At Kripya, in this way, we inspected the elements that will help increase of solar energy by everyone independent of their geographic area and financial status and composed the dual mode micro inverter.” he said.

“A dramatic fall in the cost of photo-voltaic solar panels has made solar energy an exceptionally aggressive and practical alternative of fossil fuel-based generators. Regardless of this, solar energy adoption in developing nations like India has remained surprisingly low,” said Veeraraghavan, a US-based industry veteran with more than 40 years of administration experience and skills.

Normally, an inverter is utilized to convert the DC power created by the solar panel into ready to use AC power. At power-saverpresent the most of commercially available inverters are designed to work singularly, either utilizing power supplied by the grid or costly battery in off-grid mode, requiring two distinct sets of devices.

Concentrating on solar energy units, for example, rooftop installations, the Kripya team realized that the grid connected inverters need to rely on upon the ideas of power supply as a fundamental input for the conversion of DC to AC, while the off-grid inverters depend on costly battery stockpiling for storing the power preceding change to AC.

These are the actual limitation for the adoption of solar energy in developing nations like India where the grid power is not always accessible in all regions – when it is accessible, its reliability is low, Veeraraghavan said.

Moreover, the team also recognized that conventional string inverters – connected to a group of solar panels, are not up to the mark for capacities less than 10 KVA for houses and small offices, due to lower efficiency and perennial load shedding that plagues many towns and villages.

The Kripya group accordingly considered and added to the Dual Mode Micro-inverter to resolve these issues and encourage simple adoption of disstributed solar energy generation in developing nations.

Micro inverters offer the added advantages of modularity, scalability, maximum power efficiency, real time optimization and superior means for monitoring and control of the overall system.

Kripya has already filed for patent for the dual mode inverter which is easy to install and use in a plug-and-play mode with minimal or no wiring required which can dynamically detect and switch modes based on the availability of grid power.

paidsocialmediajobs.comAs the easily available solar radiation and associated solar energy can change even during the day, Kripya has also developed a micro-processor- based load manager which works in conjunction with the dual mode micro-inverter. The load manager has a feature to segment the loads and assign a different priority to the different load circuits of the solar energy system.

During operation, the load manager will automatically manage the segmented load circuits connected to the solar energy system and turn off the non-critical circuits while maintaining the critical circuits on when the available harvested solar energy is less than what is needed for supporting all the circuits.

“We are very proud to have developed the products that offer cost effective means for adoption of solar energy by combining innovation, social and environmental consciousness,” Veeraraghavan said.

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