Heavy Workload, Lack of Planning Can Kill Your Startup

Recent studies concluded by Greyhound Research, EMC India says the technology is helping startup to boost-up its existence by delivering unique and personalized experiences compared to medium and large scale companies in India. Indian startups are growing gradually at a slow and steady pace but sometimes they failed to utilize data and resources due to lack of proper planning and heavy workload on staff.

Startup may get failed to fulfill customization demands

The sudden rise in infrastructure or staffing can also be a reason of information overload and heavy workload. At the same time, startups, adopting business agility may drastically alter or destroy its entire structure if proper care or planning have not been taken care of.

Access on multiple platforms across web and mobile (Mobile app and website), 24×7 customer care support, connectivity and personalized experiences are the most common customer demands that almost all startups are facing. – Sanchit Vir Gogia, Greyhound Research Chief Analyst and CEO

Almost all startups understand and respect the value of information or demands required for creating and delivering unique customer experiences But many of them failed to utilize it effectively due to lack of proper business planning.

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Round about 60% respondents accept that they are unable to turn the finding into physical, affordable and practical product or service and 10% accept that information and demand overload made it even difficult to make realistic decisions within the budget range. (Proper homework should be done before launching any startup. You can find it more at –Planning your own startup? Do some homework first. )

In present time where we are experiencing digital ear, organisations, whether big or small, must adopt a AppCoinerdigital mindset and methodology in order to regularly identify new opportunities, innovate in an agile way, apply transparency and trust, be ready to deliver a customized and personalized experience and operate in real time.

As digital inclusion initiatives in India gather steam, traditional businesses must prepare for the onslaught of new customer demands while staving off disruption by agile startups that are able to leverage technology legacy-free. – Amit Mehta, Manager at EMC India.

On the other hand, “born-in-the-cloud” startups could certainly learn a new technics from traditional startup in scaling these insights and utilizing them in the right processes in place.

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