An Innovative Startup: Cyclercity – Eco-friendly Delivery Service

We are very much familiar with the effective transit system of Mumbai’s Dabbawalas. Their delivery system is considered as one of the most accurate and the most complex but the the real beauty is how economically and smartly it is being managed on day to day bases. Today we will have a look on an extremely innovative Bangaluru based startup named ‘Cyclercity’ which is an unique by nature and slowly becoming admirable how it delivers packages using bike messengers saving the commute time and traffic within the city limits.

Cyclercity delivers packages using bike messengers saving the commute time and traffic within the city limits. In the traffic congested Silicon valley of India, the startups of this genera certainly will produce great fruits – Economic Times.

What they do? And how?

An ex-employee of JP Morgan, Rajiv Singh along with Niranth Bymana, founded Cyclercity that is bound to deliver your package whether it be a expensive gifts, bouquet of flowers, forgotten lunch-boxes, small baggage , keys, important papers or forgotten files within four hours.

Personnel who are familiar with every streets & nook of the city take the shortest route and are the real heroes on their delivery mission spreading the inspiration on eco-friendliness with their job.

Niranth & Rajiv (In Jeans), with Cyclercity messengers
Niranth & Rajiv (In Jeans), with Cyclercity messengers

How to avail the service?

Anyone within the city, can avail the service by calling a helpline number or place an order on the website and within no time, a bike messenger, nearest to you will arrive at your doorstep. Once picked up, the service takes a minimum of 30 minutes to a maximum of 4 hours to deliver the package to the destination, depending on the distance and weight. The service will also intimate you as soon as the package is delivered.

Right now, bike messengers have been trained and hired with the help of city recruitment agencies and NGOs who have been residing into the city for some time or have a good idea about its roads and streets. The messengers have been given training on how to cycle on busy roads and manage traffic.Although, in the future the company also plans to incorporate GPS devices for the messengers.



It costs around Rs 70 for a package that weighs up to 100 gm to be delivered within a 5 km radius from the pickup point. The tariff has an upper limit of 2 Kg weight, but they have also delivered heavier packages. Niranth Bymana, Co-founder of Cyclercity adds, “Currently we have only limitation on the package is that the volume and weight should be manageable by messenger safely on the bike. Sometimes a package is light but the volume is too big to be carried on the bike, we are unable to deliver it.”

Cycling is actually the fastest mode of transport as far as city traffic is concerned. You can avoid heavy traffic jams through narrow streets or shortcuts and reach the destination in the shortest time. We have customized bikes to suit the requirements of the particular employee and they have all been coloured green to look environment friendly. – Rajiv Singh

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