Get $10k for your wedding but only if you stay together forever

We see numerous dating website and marriage match-making website where you may find your dream partner you can take your relationship forward and may get married with. But what if it will give fund to your marriage as well? Won’t it be a great if someone sponsors your wedding and help you to make it a lifetime event for you? But wait, do you think your love will last forever or relationship is permanent? Well this startup is willing to put up the funds for your wedding if you think it is.

An upcoming US based startup, named SwanLuv is going to apply similar concept in real world and currently appcoiner.comaccepting applications from the couples who plan to get married shortly and think they’ve found an ideal and everlasting partner. Once you apply, they will make their own assessment of your relationship according to certain terms and conditions. If all goes well, they can give out a loans of up to $10,000 to make your life event grand. Because the company strongly believes everlasting marriage deserves to be rewarded.

If you get a divorce, you have to pay the loan back – with damn interest..  🙁 🙁

Here, the safe zone is, if the couples believe that stay together forever and will never separate then they do not need to pay back even a single cent. But in a depressing fact, no couple can judge their so call forever relationship prior to the wedding. (And this is the safe zone for the company itself. 🙂 🙂 🙂 )

The Seattle, WA based company collects online data and uses specially designed algorithms to quickly assess applicant risk to determine funding offers and then sets the interest rate based on how maturethe actual relationship is.

For example, the company will do background check of applicants to determine ‘suitability’ (i.e. how likely they are to stay together at present) based on their social media history and many other factors.

While SwanLuv will obviously profit off the doomed marriages, it seems that the company is rooting for you. Its website says it will provide free marriage counseling to participants.

Couples set to be married in the next 24 months are eligible to receive this wedding fund. Online applications are totally free.

The company is scheduled for launch in February 2016. We have almost a month to start reviewing the response. Particular on a potential threat of interest. Will it encourage marriages to last forever, or could startups find more business with a scheme to cover the costs of divorce?

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