Technical Solutions Adequate to your Business Needs

Kicking off a successful startup requires a lot of hard work. Depending on the amount of initial investment and overall requirements of your industry, you will need an adequate set of tools in order to successfully design, test, evaluate, manufacture and service your products or services. Apart from testing your brilliant idea, doing the initial market research and transforming your intentions into a business plan, there are many things to take into account that we sometimes tend to forget. This overview should help you remember the key performance indicators to take into account when choosing the technical solutions adequate to your business needs.

Should my enterprise have an IT department?

Whether your enterprise is actually in IT or not, you will most definitely require a reliable IT department. It’s 2016, an age of communication without boundaries in an era of business automation. According to a recent article dealing with small business trends, a vast majority of businesses rely on digital platforms such as social media networks and email services to maintain and improve their online presence. Not only that, almost 75% of all participants in the survey have stated that their website plays a more or less significant role in their business success.

How many people do I need and what do I need them for?

Whether it’s a one-man-job, or a full team operation, having an expert that can deal with issues in the technical department is of the utmost importance – not only when it comes to maintaining your website and other online infrastructure. You need someone to look after your hardware as well. All the tools that help you in your day-to-day affairs need to be monitored and maintained so they can perform up to their specifications, and work as long as you need them to.

Choose the technical solutions and IT products based on performance

For example, you are setting up your office and you need to set up a couple of administrative workstations. The key factor in this department should be the required performance. You don’t need an overpriced gaming computer to perform administrative tasks such as compiling and processing work orders, invoices, reports, etc.

The processing power or available memory should not be an imperative and that leaves you with enough cost cutting opportunities if you plan accordingly. Go for the budget solutions when possible. The other story would be if you’re planning to host a cloud storage – that would require terabytes and terabytes of storage and gigawatts of power for electricity and cooling.


Automated business solutions

Many businesses still rely on the paper trail. Having a hard copy of everything provides you with a way of avoiding the gamble of online security and cloud hosting. Not only that, paper is still used in the majority of internal communication procedures, even in huge corporations.

If you want to save money from the start, the best option would be to use one of the automated business solutions provided by the leaders in the industry. Sharp, Lexmark, HP, you name them, they all have products that can automate document intensive processes. Not only that – when you pick one of them, for example one of the Sharp models, you can even save more money by ordering the consumables, such as Sharp toner cartridges and ink, online.

Network infrastructure

No need to stress the importance of always being connected. As previously mentioned, you might be one of those businesses that rely heavily on the paper trail. Networking the computers and printers both internally and externally will allow you to maximize the time actually spent on performing your tasks. Ease of access and uninterrupted flow of information will help you more than you think, as it saves both time and money.

As was the case when choosing products based on performance, the story stays the same here. Take into account the price, required bandwidth and the number of users when choosing your internet service provider. Plan the number of connected devices when choosing between an ethernet hub or switch. Go for a cheaper option when choosing between Cisco and Huawei since they both are doing the same thing.

Electronic consumables

The greenhouse effect has forced the producers of electronic devices and consumables to focus on greener solutions. Materials are safer, product cycles are longer, the quality is higher. The price seems not to be an issue here, since, for example, going for a more efficient and more expensive LED lighting beats traditional light bulbs by a mile. Always have the big picture in mind.

Choosing greener and more efficient options can not only cut down your costs in the long run, it can have an even greater effect on your business. Recycling your consumables can even win you a piece of the market share when it comes to people who are opting for businesses that are greener and have a developed corporate social responsibility program.

Technology is everywhere. We’ve grown to rely on it for almost everything and we use it every day for a multitude of tasks. More and more businesses are owing their success to effective use of technology and staying idle in this environment can cause you to be a part of the 90% of enterprises that will eventually fail. You need to be smart, you need to plan ahead, and you need to know your options.

Making difficult decisions might seem like a hassle for most people, but having the necessary information required to make these decisions is half the decision. Now that you know what to have in mind when it comes to implementing tech solution in your business, you will, hopefully, be able to gather enough information to make the right choice.

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