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Importance of Employee-First Culture for your Business


Workers are not just any part of your business organization, they are its mainspring. Without them, it is impossible for a business to run smoothly. Yet, research has shown that only 13% of employees feel engaged at their jobs. A bulk of modern companies seems committed to the mission of creating an army of corporate zombies whose only motivation is to collect the paycheck at the end of the month. On the brighter note, there is a breath of fresh air in the business world. It comes in the form of the entrepreneurs determined to put the workers back in focus. Since last decade, an importance of ‘employee first’ work culture has increased tremendously. Let’s try to focus on things which have forced the adoption and growth of employee first culture in corporate world.

Corporate pitfalls

Passive worker engagement or complete disengagement may not face owners and managers with a problem in a short-term. But, as time itches forward, the morale erodes and profitability is undermined.  Negligence and lack of motivation can make the sales plummet and turn many potential customers away. Here, we see that poor engagement does not only make the foundations of the company rotten, negative effects also spill over to other areas. For example, the news about lousy customer experience may spread like wildfire in the social media landscape.

On the other hand, it is proven that companies with social engagement have a better lead generation, are more adept at cultivating innovation, and attracting top talent. Furthermore, workers who are feeling appreciated have a positive outlook on the company’s future and are more prepared to put up a hard work. The leadership must acknowledge these facts and build a solid strategy around them. Some popular tactics involve social content, other focus on internal communication, and there are those that employ community strategies.

These approaches have something in common, though. They are tools that enable collaboration, information sharing, problem-solving and snatching of opportunities. Workers, who are closest to the actual work processes, should feel free to offer their valuable insights and feedback. This is something that transforms the business organization into more than a sum of its parts. It becomes capable of real time learning, satisfying the customer needs, and nailing business goals.

All hands on deck

Getting the right people from the start is paramount to your chances of owning a thriving business. A hiring policy needs to be clearly defined, so do not succumb to the pressure of signing the first candidate who comes by. Muse on desired skills and experience, but also ensure that the newcomers fit the company culture. Questions in the interview are of the utmost importance, and should help you filter out those who would not be contributing to the atmosphere and business operations.

As we have pointed out, enterprises that endorse a stimulating work environment have more chances of hiring ideal candidates. This also means that keeping them is a viable scenario. Alas, it might take some extra motivation boosters to pull this off. Rewarding the workers might just do the trick: A gift can be something small, a simple token of appreciation like a lunch at a restaurant or a cinema ticket. But, if the resources allow it, treat employees occasionally with something bigger. Some agencies allow you to book summer vacations in advance, including fixed exchange rate holidays, and surprise employees with an incredible experience. You would not jump ship if it was taking you to an island paradise, would you?  

Happy hour

Employees are the heart and soul of every company.  Nurturing the ambiance of productivity and taking advantage of every opportunity for growth requires solid infrastructure and clear intention. Both are the result of thorough planning, long-term commitment, and allocation of resources. We are on a brink of the new era of business transformation, and those who fail to adapt will go under. A happy employee makes a happy customer, and when that happens, the businessmen cannot help but to put a smile on his face as well.

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