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Reasons Why You Should Run a Business

The choices and decisions we make in life results in our achievements and accomplishments. Fact that we are only humans, most times we like to blame how our lives turned out on circumstances those are external. The individuals those belong to less facilitated and backward locality may face some common issues like,run a business

my own business run a business

(i) The parents are not capable to provide enough.
(ii) Not having enough social or corporate connections.
(iii) Lack of proper education etc.

It is sometimes true that a lot of our experiences in life are a direct result of our parents’ choices and decisions. But not all of what we experience should be blamed on other people but our own choices and own company

  Take Responsibility

At some stage we really need to take responsibility for the choices and decisions we make and accept that sometimes we cannot change the results.

At an early age I dreamed of being an accountant, but as I grew older the decisions I made in life while in my early twenties caused me that dream. Long story short – I was the youngest in the family and so I had to help my parents run a Fish Market business, a project that my father started back in his home town. At the same time I went back to college after being persuaded by my loving mother. running a businessI finally graduated in 2006, after 3 years of Business studies.

“Success doesn’t come to you; you have to try yourself and grab it.”

run a businessNearly four years ago I resigned from my job as an Operations Analyst for a Telecommunication Company and moved to New Zealand to join my partner. At first I couldn’t find a job in the region we were at because it was small and jobs were scarce. But a year after we moved into the capital, I got lucky being offered a Business Support role for a few months and soon after that I got a longer contract.

  Start with what you know

But what i really wanted was to work for myself; I didn’t want to be looking for another job for months if my contract expired. I wanted to work for myself as an entrepreneur and not for anyone else. And I was not going to let another year pass before getting started. I had come up with a plan that I wanted to start right a business

I didn’t spend years in university like I had planned too, but what i learnt from working alongside my parents in that small fish market business, with years studying business and years going from customer service through to an operation analyst had given me enough experience and knowledge to start up.

  Reasons why you should start your own business – Inspired by Ben Kubassek

  1. You don’t have the formal education to get a job that pays you what you are worth.
  2. You live in a developing country where jobs are scarce and under-employment is a problem. You don’t have the contacts needed to get in the door.
  3. You want to make a difference with your life. You want to leave a legacy, instead of spending your best years building someone else’s empire.
  4. You like to have time freedom. People with their businesses can work when and where they wish to. They set their own schedule.
  5. You want to write your pay check. Self-employed people get to set their price and pay themselves accordingly. They also pay less in the way of taxes.

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  Prepare yourself to run a business

All above points you can consider as an inspiration for running a business. So focus your mind on your qualities, what you know, what you’re passionate about, what your vision is. Don’t sit back and ponder too much about what to do first – just get started and everything else will fall into place. If you continue to throw blame here and there, you will never experience real success and happiness. It’s up to you to make the difference in your life and in this world. You can also consider to own your own business from home if you do not want to take a shop on rent or on lease. You can also read an article focusing on my own business for more reference. run a business

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