What Are the Things to Look for When Hiring?

There are many uncertainties in business, but only one constant: one of the most important things in your startup is your staff. You can change your premises, renew your entire gear and even change your client base many times over, but it is the people who work beside you that make your company what it really is. Now, this raises a question of how to surround yourself with all the right people and the answer to this question is: you need first to know who to hire. In order to learn this, here are some tips on all the things to look for when hiring.

Checking their social media

One of the first things you want to look into is social media profiles of people you intend on hiring. Sure, their favorite movie, relationship status or famous people they admire may not be that important for the job you are offering, but creating an image of them as a person can go a long way. However, this is only to give you some idea about who you are dealing with and not something that you should base your decision on.


Making a team

Sure, it is always good to have a lot of gifted individuals in your company, but even best individual stats will not make them into a team. What you need to do is make a valid psychological assessment of your employees, or have someone trusted do this for you. Next, you need to identify those who might work well together and try to put them together. In order for this team to be most effective, people composing it need to excel at different things. Having each member of your team good at same thing, will get you nowhere, so what you need are different personalities to complement one another.

Confidence and honesty

To estimate someone’s potential and to gain a psychological evaluation, you would require either a professional assessment or enough time to let these things display themselves. However, most people hire based solely on an interview, a brief resume or even a short test (interview usually being the most important among them). Even though this may seem a bit irrational, there are two very important traits that can be spotted out during an interview and those traits are confidence and honesty.

Now, confidence is easy to see, but real honesty is what you should care for the most. On an interview, everyone wants to get the job and impress the new boss, which is why most people won’t dare to contradict you. Still, those who are willing to speak their mind at the interview will be those who will be brave enough to tell you when a larger problem appears. Needless to say, this is something that you simply cannot put a price tag on.

Look for potential

As a startup, you most probably won’t be able to attract big shots and celebrities of your line of work to come work for you. That comes later. What this means is, that most often, people coming to you for employment will have nothing to offer but a potential growth. However, for anyone willing and ready to look towards the long term, this is more than enough. According to some estimations, it takes a new employee 6 months to 1 year in order to unleash their full productivity. According to others, it may take them even 2 years to do so. All that matters is that you know how to recognize a potential and have enough patience to wait for it to unlock.

As you might have guessed at the beginning, choosing the right people for the job is not an easy task. However, you never know which one of your new employees is going to explode into one of the greatest superstars of your industry. Luckily, with the right hiring policy and methodology, you can be there when it happens to harness all that incredible power.

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