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What Are Surety Bonds And How You Should Use Them

Serious business deals are usually worth millions of dollars, which is why every reasonable business owner will find a way to protect their business agreements. Surety bonds have proven to be a practical protective system that keeps every party safe and sound in every business deal. However, the line between those bonds, other bonds and insurance options can be pretty vague, so here are the basic differences.

Who does what?

The party that wants to provide services through surety bonds is called the principle. This entity is expected and supposed to finish all the works they have agreed to on time. Their employer in this case is called the obligee. For instance, the government is often the obligee in the US. What is more, governments of all levels use this surety system to protect themselves from irresponsible companies.

Moreover, the third party in this process is the surety. They sell the bonds that the principle buys. In case the principle fails to perform the tasks they have promised to do, the surety makes up for the damage to the obligee.

surety bonds

However, the surety will not pay that sum from their own budget, but they will activate the pre-determined indemnity agreement. Such an agreement allows the surety to reimburse all the expenses they had to pay to the obligee from the principal. That way the obligee has enough assets to find a new principle, the surety can continue with their work and the principle can close down their business and/or start over.

Insured or ensured?

If you have a business and want to make a deal with another business or a government agency, the party that hires you needs to create some sort of bond that will keep you obliged to do your share of work properly. Therefore, to make sure that you are bonded to perform your tasks on time and in accordance with the agreement, you need to buy the bonds. They are simply legal means that guarantee your commitment and diligent work.

However, such bonds do not offer any insurance for your business. If you want to keep your company and your employees insured from different accidents, check these business insurance policies.

Do you really need a surety?

The most convenient part when it comes to guarantees that you will sign to get a project is that nobody forces you to agree to anything. You can choose freely whether or not you will agree to such terms. For instance, if you have a construction company, you can always work for a larger private investor in that field without any legal complications.

However, what makes business-enhancing surety bonds a reasonable option is their efficiency. For instance, the principals know exactly what conditions they have to fulfill to get paid for their services. Moreover, they are fully aware that breaking the deadlines will cause certain penalties.

On the other hand, government agencies or any other businesses can do their work in a more relaxed way, knowing that they have such powerful legal means at their disposal.


The benefits of using bonds for business purposes are multifold. Firstly, you can keep your business safe from employee-induced damage or harm (check the use of fidelity bonds). Secondly, you can get hired for a business project more easily if you buy surety bonds. In return, your employer gets a guarantee that your work will be punctuate and without any flaws and you can count on steady business collaboration.

To conclude, the use of bonds between businesses ensures steady economic growth, as well as proper business conduct. As long as businesses use bonds, the economy will have a sound foundation to build on.

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