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OMG!! 3 Sparking Reasons Why You Should Start a Top Tier Business

It’s extremely risky to try and start up your own online business from scratch. Research findings reveal that less than 20% of new businesses make it. Online businesses need a Top Tier like Business Model (like a franchise. Good example is The McDonalds) with a proven system that they can leverage to succeed. I am sure everyone understands how McDonalds operates in the US and other parts of the world. They simply leverage the efforts of their partners who do all the sales for them…even then they still have very high overhead costs.

This may be due to 4 factors – 

  1. A profitable business model
  2. Proven sales funnel system
  3. Tailored mentoring for clients and
  4. Consistent support 24/7 for clients

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Keep in mind that clients build your business. If you cannot mentor and give them consistent support they will ask for their money back, in turn you lose business.

What is a Top Tier Business?

Top Tier is basically a term given for a system that’s set up to sell “high ticket” products or services rather than depending on ”low ticket” products and “high volume” to get sales. With Top Tier, it’s possible to make in a day what you would make in an entire year in residuals from a similar online business.

Here are the 3 Reasons Why You Need a Top Tier Business

1. Commissioners Are Bigger

How much you would need to make before you could quit your job. Let’s say for example you want to earn a commission of $5,000.00 a month. That would break down to roughly 167 dollars a day. By the end of the year you would have collected $60k of residual commission. Now with a traditional, non-top tier online marketing system, you would only earn a small amount on each sale.

2. Don’t Need Many Customer

For a $4.00 profit per sale, you’d need 1,250 sales/month to earn $5k/month. I hope you understand this point… To earn the income you need, you’ll have to learn how to generate a lot of sales Month in and month out. That’s the typical model of a traditional online business. Now the top tier business model will get you to the $5k/month quicker by getting you $1,000 Profit per sale just from 5 sales. This is the difference between traditional online business model and the top tier business model.

3. Paid Traffic

Paid traffic is a must for real business growth. What company has grown into a profitable business that you know of without spending on some type of advertising? With paid traffic, once you get have a business model and system that converts (Top Tier), and you get traffic that gets you buyers, you can scale up an extremely profitable business really fast without too much work on your end.


I hope you now have a quick understanding of a TOP TIER BUSINESS and how it can really help you earn maximum profits through the selling of high ticket products and services and why it’s a must if you want to generate high revenue in a small period. And of course you need paid traffic to drive you buyers.

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