Startups, Transform Your WordPress Website with Awesome Plugins

Business deals and transactions can use some of the benefits provided by practical online solutions. Indeed, as the number of online financial transactions and business relationships is growing, new software tools keep emerging to provide proper services. Startups working in the contemporary business environment need to take care of their online presence. The easiest way to stay in touch with modern trends is to apply updated plugins to your website. They can make a huge difference and improve your business chances. As per some recent surveys, approximately 65% of startups choose WordPress platform for their business website. Here let’s have a look on some useful and must have wordpress plugins for each wordpress website.

Spam fighters

Inspiring people to leave comments and take part in discussions is one of the main marketing goals of every website. However, whenever there are blogs and websites that allow for comments, you can bet that they will be closely monitored and often attacked by spam content generators. Therefore, if you want to keep your WordPress website away from aggressive spammers, get the Akismet plugin. It is the best long-term plugin solution in the market that will prevent your website safe from being hacked by bots and other spam pests. Find out more about keeping your WP site protected from malware here.

Control your content

The general problem with free website platforms and templates is that they have certain bugs when it comes to content management. While WordPress is probably the most user-friendly free website platform on the web, its admin interface could use some improvements. As your content keeps expanding, you will notice that things are becoming pretty hectic and disorganized. Due to such cluttered and chaotic nature of WordPress, it is necessary to install some handy plugins.

If you want to copy some content features onto several pages within your website, use the Duplicate Post Plugin.

On the other hand, if you want to supervise the order of the posts, you will definitely need to activate the Simple Page Ordering feature. It can be pretty helpful for informative, multi-layered websites.

Enhanced search

The default Wordpres search engine can come in handy, but in reality it will miss important search results. On the other hand, when you install the SearchWP plugin, you will see how operable and user-friendly this add-on is. Firstly, it enables you to search through your website with increased accuracy. It makes the whole website easily edited and improved. Secondly, it enables its users to create additional search engines for specific purposes within the website.

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Better audio for website

Audio features represent an important part of every website. They can help you gain wider recognition and also increase website traffic. Although WordPress offers some default options for audio content, they lack some advanced settings. With the Cue plugin, you can use create personalized playlists and enrich the content of your website. You can put tracks in a different order by simply dragging them up and down the playlist. It is also easily integrated with images, as well as with other audio features on your website.

Smooth ticket flow

Modern businesses often organize different events for their business partners. From conferences to training sessions to community events, arranging and participating in such events can help you improve your position on the market. What is usually needed in such situations is a reliable ticket-selling service. If you need a great wp event ticketing plugin for online ticket sale, Tickera is the right option. It will ensure a smooth ticket flow while keeping all the buyers’ personal data safe and sound. In addition, tickets should also be offered in traditional box offices, to make them available for a wider audience.

If you enrich your website with proper software tools and website add-ons, your business revenue could become higher and your overall productivity will be increased. The future is already here and if you embrace the innovations on time, you will ensure continuous business development.

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