8 Apps to Help You to Establish Yourself as a Designer of your Startup

Designing requires a ton of experience with regards to many skills – each phase requires different ones. In order to keep up with the pace of your peers, you need to work on your skills, as well as get in touch with all the right tools that are necessary to get your job done in a timely fashion. This is exactly why we’ve come up with a list of apps that can turn you into a more efficient designer. These apps are actually utility app and to provide mobility with ease of use and flexibility are the main motto.

You can draw or capture your ideas, suggestions while having your lunch or a cup of tea with friends using such productive apps. Let’s have a look on some commonly popular ones.


There are many apps that specialize with a ton of things and then there are apps designed specifically for a single thing. Simply drag and drop your exported assets into ImageOptim and you can expect your page load times to drop significantly. Paying attention to your users is the name of the game, when it comes to design.

Sublime Text 3

There are a lot of development apps out there, but Sublime Text is definitely one of the best out there. This app allows you to install a ton of packages, such as some of the most beautiful color schemes out there – the users pay a lot of attention to the looks of a webpage.


When it comes to the looks of a page, this app is more than interesting – it automatically adjusts your computer’s display to the time of day – bright during the day and warm at night. Give this simple app a go and enjoy!


This storage app is among the most popular for a reason – regardless of what device you use, you can view and share files wherever you are. And it is exactly what their tagline says. Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and even Windows phones, this truly is a unique file storing platform.


This one isn’t a mere note app – it allows you to take pictures, get your to-dos in order. And while you’re at it, share everything with your coworkers. If you are willing to cough up an extra buck or two on a monthly/ yearly basis, you’ll get extra content, such as added security, videos and even more.



This app works great, regardless of your given profession. The reason why Fantastical is so. Well, fantastic, is outlined in the fact that it does stuff for you automatically. Like just create an event, name it and this wonderful app does everything else on its own. If you’ve installed it – it is right there in your menu bar.


This app is a must for any designer out there – if you are one, you are well aware of how important Flickr is in your life. Get Bulkr and use it to browse, download and backup photos and even videos from Flickr. Available for Windows, Mac, as well as Linux, this is a fantastic up for any designer out there.

Writer Pro

Editing can be a tedious job, however, a definitive must. Seeing as how there really is no escape from rereading your written content, what you can do to make your life as a designer easier is to come up with the best initial draft you humanly can. This is exactly what Writer Pro does for you – by walking you through your writing process it helps you come up with little stuff to fix after you’re done with your initial written content draft.

2016s are the years of apps and every profession requires dealing with these, at least to a certain extent. Design is no ex1ception here, on the contrary, if you are looking to keep up with your peers, you’ll definitely want to give at least some of these a try.

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