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Why Green Business Is the Future of Industries?

Corporate America is witnessing a green business bonanza these days. Most of the companies from various business niches decided to implement green marketing concept and make their business ecologically responsible. Therefore in this article, we will analyze the phenomenon of green business growth. Also try to determine why some of the most successful corporate entities decided to stand for environmental and social causes. All these efforts are just to justify of our effectiveness to save future generation from possible poisonous environmental circumstances. 

Reasons why green business marketing is such a popular concept?

Green marketing is the marketing of companies that incorporated environmental causes into their business model. This concept has been very popular lately. As a result, company which follow it have achieved huge popularity among millennials and post-millennials. There are several reasons why ’green’ has been such a popular word in corporate circles:

  • Visible consequences of global warming. More and more people acknowledge disastrous effects of global warming; and both corporations as well as consumers are slowly influencing each other into going green and thus supporting environmental activism.
  • Attracting top talents and keeping them motivated. Top experts require additional motivation, besides high corporate salaries. Almost all of them wants to work for companies in whose missions they truly believe.
  • Attracting ecologically-aware consumers. Consumers who are classified in LOHAS group (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) have high buying power compared to others.

How to make your business green?

There are companies, which are adopting certain sustainable practices in order to present their business as green and attract environmentally aware consumers. Hence, these attempts are called ’greenwashing’ and they can easily discourage LOHAS consumers. Therefore green businesses need to incorporate environment protection in their mission statement and to run their whole business from the environmentalist point of view. This includes:

  • By using recycled materials in production process
  • Using sustainable and efficient housing for accommodating company’s offices and production plants
  • By using green energy
  • Reduction in production of waste
  • Reducing transportation energy by focusing on local market and raw material suppliers
  • Making reusable and recyclable products
  • Using recyclable and bio-degradable packaging.

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Why are green certifications so important?

Many companies that successfully implement these measures and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability on several different levels. And as a result, they can apply for some of the popular green certificates. These are actually the best proof of company’s dedication. These certificates are issued by some of the most trusted institutions that promote green living and sustainability, and therefore they have very high ranking among consumers. These are probably the most popular green certificates in the United States:

  • Green Seal
  • Ecologo
  • USDA Organic (for organic food)
  • Energy Star (for energy efficiency)
  • Green e (for the use of renewable energy)

Notable examples from corporate world

Hundreds of companies have successfully implemented green marketing concept. Hence they have been able to set an example for others so far. Some of them are well-known brands that target millions of environmentally-oriented consumers.

  • Ben & Jerry’s. They promote natural ingredients and green business practices. While their parent company Unilever cut its carbon emissions by incredible 50% in the last 15 years.
  • Starbucks. Since its foundation, Starbucks has been a promoter of moral and sustainable coffee-growing practices. They don’t buy coffee from suppliers who use child labor rather they offer incentives to farmers who adopt their environmentally friendly coffee-growing concept.
  • Timberland. This popular shoe company rates each product upon its environmental impact. After the recent redesign, their stores use 30% less energy than before.
  • Tesla. Goal of this automotive corporate giant is to put electric cars into wider use. They have used their Model S roadster to gain enough funds for development of more affordable car models. Recently Elon Musk released company’s new master plan.

In conclusion, green business will continue to grow in years to come. Furthermore, entrepreneurs can build a successful enterprise and give their contribution to saving this wonderful planet. It doesn’t matter whether the huge shift towards green business is caused by moral or financial reasons. The important thing is that green businesses are slowly conquering the corporate world. And those big companies are accepting their share of environmental responsibility.

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