Ahh!! Read Frugal Marketing Ideas for Your Business

Even though there are so many successful marketing campaigns to learn from out there, not all of them are applicable for SMBs. Like any other business enhancing method, marketing requires significant investment, which often leaves younger companies at a disadvantage. In order to transcend this financial barrier, one may decide to turn to some more frugal marketing measures. Here are some of the most successful ones, which have proven to be the most cost-effective in the past. It explains importance of marketing in business as well.


Even though some are skeptical about the success rate email marketing has in 2016, a surprising amount of work still gets done in this way. Furthermore, in moments of boredom, people often skim through their emails. A well-designed newsletter might grab their attention, but first you need to know how to make it more efficient. First, think about what kind of newsletter you’re going to send. Make a unique subject line if you want your target audience to open them in the first place. Finally, make sure to balance between informative and promotional in your content. Fifty-fifty is not a good proportion here, so you should lean towards making less than 10 percent of your content promotional.

Social Media Marketing

Promoting your business through social media is probably the most cost-effective idea that every business has on its disposal. Using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay in touch with your customers and announce news in your business is always a smart move. However, according to experts from a creative agency based in Melbourne, social media are also great for collecting feedback. Comment sections and groups are a place where clients leave their ideas and complaints. By listening to them closely, you can significantly improve your customer service.

Coupons and Points

The next thing you could do is encourage your customers by providing them with coupons they can use in your store. For example, you can award a coupon for a particular product to all those who sign in on your website. Moreover, you can give points to your customers for every purchase they make. The amount of points would depend on the value of their purchase. Not only will this boost your traffic and your sales, but also help you get return customers. Even if some other business offers more affordable prices, some of your clients won’t allow their coupons and points to go to waste and shop in your store anyway.

Online Contest

Finally, what you can also do is make an online contest. The prize doesn’t have to be that significant (after all, we are still focusing on frugality), but you need to treat the winners right. Their names and pictures should be proudly displayed on all social media profiles, as well as your official website. Seeing the faces of people who are just like them will encourage more and more customers to get engaged.
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As you can see, even all the money in the world sometimes isn’t a substitute for creativity and resourcefulness. There is a great possibility you won’t be able to fund every project that comes across your mind. This is why it’s important that you understand importance of marketing and learn how to recognize methods with the best ROI and those that require minimal investments on your side. This trick will later find use in every instance of your business.

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