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4 Basic Conversion Rate Optimization Mistakes Marketer Must Avoid

You want to have your website built to look great, but you also want to gain traffic. What you really need is – a dedicated team to work on your site’s search presence. With content marketing, it plays a vital role in CRO as it brings traffic, however, if things are not in its correct place, you will not receive a rise in your leads and sales. Compared to science, conversion rate optimization is similar and many digital markers believe that by having an excellent design is the best – we disagree.


For many people, CRO is a complicated topic as it includes a mixture of copy, design, building website trust and loads of other aspects that other marketers fail to notice. We have seen many top sites gain traffic, but when it comes to their revenue, it is not what they expected. The reason is that it does not convert well.

If you feel that your CRO is in place and only have a few leads, then do not blame the user’s behaviour as you or your digital marketing provider may be making some mistakes.

You need to improve your off-site SEO for more exposure by using organic methods but conversion is much more important and this is where a reliable SEO agency from Sydney can help you out.

Here are some of the fundamental conversion optimisation mistakes that you need to avoid generating leads and sales:

Stop Being Impatient

CRO takes more than patience and new digital marketers forget this and start a test implementing a winning variation without waiting to take other tactics into consideration that may work better. We know that clients get anxious and want to see results quickly, but doing it in this manner may be good for now but not in the end.

So you need to be more patient and wait for your statistical data completion that targets different occasions. This, in turn, presents you with a higher chance that the conversion increases. Even the time of day or the day of the week has an impact on conversion procedures. Gather your information for longer periods and analyse what works best for dissimilar times.

Maybe Your Websites Slow

You might have a great looking site and your call to actions stunning to make anyone click through to your content. However, you are still not receiving the leads you expected. Have you thought about checking your site’s speed? The speed when users click on your websites vital, especially when it comes to conversion rate optimization.

You should not overlook this one factor as one-second delay on any of your pages loading speed causes a 7% decrease when it comes to client conversions. When compared to SEO and organic SERP ranks your page load speed may not have the same impact, but is a major concern. If your client waits for your page to load, they will eventually leave and look somewhere else.

You can speed up your site by removing plugins and unnecessary files and choose efficient caching plugins, get a content delivery network (CDN) and improve your image sizes.

Do the Design Elements Blend?

Many marketers consider design as the first element for conversion rate optimization as your site needs to run on different types of devices. As we are living in a mobile age, you need to use the mobile strategy first to optimize your traffic.

The first step is to get your site mobile responsive, even before jumping to the web design of the desktop. The reason, as more people are using their mobile devices to get online access. On the other hand, you need to make sure that all the elements involved are part of your CRO to look great.

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Are You Making Use of Visual Content Marketing

Have you ever looked at an image? An image speaks a thousand words and with infographic speaks million of words. Forget about the text only when it comes to marketing your content. Add additional design elements that include videos, images, infographic, table of contents, presentations and more improve the experience of users visiting your site If all this seems a bit too much to wrap your head around and you feel like you could use a helping hand, you should consult a local seo company to take care of all your website needs.

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In addition, make sure that your visual content is optimized for different devices making your website stand out.


By following these techniques you’ll be on a good path, but you shouldn’t expect miracles overnight as the conversion rate optimization takes time. Use different principles to your advantage, making sure that you don’t do you website any damage. By avoiding these common mistakes and carefully monitoring your steps, you can make a huge difference to your website’s performance.

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