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3 Effective Local SEO Tips to Boost Your Business or Club

Local SEO’s rising popularity and usage have been more on the rise now than it was a couple of years before. As users tend to get more picky and specific with what they want, Google starts responding to them too. Oftentimes you find users searching for a specific product or service in a specific location rather than using generic terms. This, in turn, forces business and or clubs to optimize their local SEO to dominate the search engine.

1. Setup a Google Business Page

By making your business or club visible on the map, you’re establishing your brand’s credibility and reputation. Customers are more at ease if they can attest that your business is legitimate and reachable. Customers want to deal with real, genuine business, not with spam or scam who will just disappear once they get their money. So it’s important to make your business visible on the map.

If you find your business or club struggling with local SEO results, here are our top 3 tips to boost your local SEO strategy.

One way of doing that is by setting up a Google My Business Page. The greatest catch? It’s free and  incredibly easy! Just log into your Google Account and go to My Business. Enter the necessary details such as :

  • business or club name
  • business address
  • contact information (telephone no, email, mobile, etc)
  • business website

What’s great about Google my Business is that it verifies if your business is legitimate or not. So the moment you verify it (usually through mail postage), your business club will start appearing on Google Maps!

2. Encourage Your Customers to Review Your Business

One of the perks of having a Google My Business page is the ability to leave a review. Google Reviews are incredibly powerful in persuading customers. New customers often read previous reviews before making a purchase decision. So it’s important to reach out to your clients and ask them to leave a review. Yes, even the not so positive ones.

The good thing about negative reviews is that you always have the chance to change the customer’s point of view. As much as possible, try to address a solution to the customer’s problem. If you are professional enough to solve the problem, you might turn your customer into a loyal one! Plus, chances are, they will even change the negative review into a positive one because of how well you handle your customer service!

3. Enlist your brand on Business or Club Directories

Your customers often see you as an expert in your chosen niche or industry, so it’s important to live to their expectation. One way of doing that is by expanding your professional business network. You need to enlist your business as part of your targeted niche or network. This will ensure your customers that you belong to legitimate business and club groups. Aside from that, you’ll be gaining a credible backlink to your site. The following are our recommended business club directory sites:

clubsearch business club australia

Club Search for Business and Clubs Australia – ClubSearch is a comprehensive business and club directory listing across Australia. Its listing ranges from businesses and clubs of all kinds. Signing up is free, while its pro features include featuring your business on EVERY page, giving you maximum exposure over your competitors.

white pages

White Page for the United StatesWhite Page is the most trusted business directory listing in America, with over 1 million registered businesses online. Registration is also free by default, but you can also avail their premium and business membership.

uk business online

UK Business Online – it offers free business listings to all UK companies. It offers a wide-range of listings from business, non-profit organizations, charities, to all UK and even on foreign companies.

Bottom Line

It’s still not too late to boost your sales and start driving traffic to your site. With these effective local SEO strategies, you’ll gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.

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