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Workers’ Rights! Startups, Don’t Ever Dare to Ignore it!

Long gone are the days when workers were completely at the mercy of their employers. Employee rights have gained quite a lot of momentum since the 20th century. And today, they are a very important aspect in every single line of business. Today, there are more than 180 laws that protect employees to avoid discrimination in the workplace. You as an employee should always be aware of the most important ones among them. We have come up with 6 of them both you and your employer should know. It’s my gentle attempt to make workers aware of certain rights they can claims at the workplace. They belong to an employee and made for an employee.

The Minimum Wage – the most important among all worker’s rights

First of all, there is a minimum wage you as an employee are entitled to. Ever since 2009, all of the private and public employers in the USA are obliged to pay their employees at least $7.25 per hour. Also, the Fair Labor Standards Act ensures that all the employees receive time-and-a-half wage for every overtime hour worked. Therefore, no matter what type of company your work at, you are entitled to the minimum wage at least. If you receive less than this, you should first talk to your employer about correcting your paycheck.

Whistle-blower Protection

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Another right you have is the whistle-blower protection. The Whistle-blower Protection Act has been introduced in 1989 in US specially for taking care of employee rights and responsibilities. It protects every employee who files any reasonable complaints against their employer or another employee. So if you have any reasons to believe your employer is pulling a scheme on the investors or siphons off money to his personal bank account, the whistle-blower act protects you from getting fired or harassed for turning them in. If you notice any of your co-workers do anything illegal, you have every right to turn them in as well.

No Harassment

discrimination in the workplace

For absolutely no reason can you be forced into dating your employer or any of their business partners. Also, you don’t have to tolerate any racial or gender-related comments. Any discrimination in the workplace is prohibited by title VII of the Civil Rights as well as other anti-discrimination laws. If you think of being bullied at job, there is no reason to stay quiet about it just just to try to get along with everybody. You have absolutely every right to stand up for yourself in any of these situations.

workers rights

Workplace Safety

Another thing your employer is in charge of is workplace safety. Every employee has rights to work under safe conditions. There are certain workplace safety standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) that every employer has to follow. They are also supposed to organize safety training in order to make sure you and other employees know what to do in case of an accident. Therefore, if you are working in dangerous conditions, you have absolutely every right to file a report and make your employer meet the standards set by OSHA.

Workers’ Compensation

In case of any injury on the job, you are supposed to be eligible for medical treatment and compensation. Suppose if you get injured due to employer’s negligence. Then according to the compensation law, you have right to come back to job or a other similar job. Suppose if you move to another position in the company because of the injury, you are also entitled to the same pay and benefits you had prior to the injury. If anything like this happens to you, make sure you contact professionals like Bordaslaw who will further explain you your rights.

Family Leave

In US, the Family and Medical Leave Act, or FMLA was signed by President Bill Clinton, back in 1993. As a result, every employee has a right to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave per year. If you decide to stay at home after having a baby or adopting, you can do this. You can also take unpaid leave if a family member of yours is battling a serious disease. You can do this after being with the company for more than 1 year. And also having worked for more than 1,250 hours during the past year.

The bottom line is, you as an employee enjoy a number of legal protections. These are specifically designed to provide you minimal income and keep you shielded from discrimination and danger at work.

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