Woha!! 4 Incredible Business Advantages of Using Social Networks.

When people hear the term “social network”, the first idea that crosses their mind is sharing photos, entertaining statuses and other features of online socialization. Nevertheless, social networks are used in many more lucrative ways, but it’s not often visible on the surface of the Web. Indeed, businesses can gain higher visibility and greater work efficiency if they approach social media in a professional way. Stay with us in the next few paragraphs and learn more about the business power of online social networking.

Prolonged availability

Sometimes you can’t finish all the business tasks during the regular work hours. Simply put, some days are less inspiring than others. If your employees come across any kind of obstacle in their work process, apply some flexibility in your management style. For instance, let them go home and spend some time with their family or have a rest. However, ask them politely to get online at specific time, so as to hold a meeting with their team and find solutions for the problems they have with their tasks. Social networks help you organize a meeting in such a situation. However, make sure your employees sign a written agreement that you can contact them after work hours under special conditions. That way you’ll avoid being penalized by the labor authorities.

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Generating contacts

The same moment you launch a business page in one of the social networks, you can start attracting friends, followers and customers. Still, there are significant differences between different social networks. For instance, Facebook is a perfect tool for businesses aiming at gaining recognition from the general public. You simply use tracking tools and adapt the content you share to your target audience.

Twitter, on the other hand, requires a subtler approach to business promotion. This social network is more about the reputation of your brand and your adeptness at business communication via Twitter.

Finally, Google+ also offers interesting features, the most prominent being Collections. This feature collects items based on your interests and significantly contributes to improved business networking.

Enhanced telecommuting

As the number of people working from the comfort of their home is growing, so is the need for proper communication software tools. This is where social networks can serve a great purpose. For instance, Facebook, Google Hangouts and WhatsApp enable their users to make video calls. Consequently, you can organize a group business call for your remote workers and distribute work tasks that way. Also, don’t forget good old Skype, since it’s still free of charge and easily installed.

On the other hand, you can add various VoIP options, especially if you need to communicate to your employees and business associates in distant parts of the world. In addition, those tools are a perfect choice for call centers, as well.

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Faster decision-making

No matter if an employer uses a public social network or a special-purpose internal solution like a sharepoint alternative, these add-ons can speed up the decision-making. This is important for several reasons. Firstly, sometimes managers have to react fast, since the market often dictates such moves. Secondly, employees can stay in touch and resolve their business issues through a tool that keeps record of their actions. Thirdly, when you can rely on an internal collaboration system, you can’t lose any data in public cybersphere. All those features lead to higher participation of employees in different business meetings and advances the entire management process within a business.

Social networks can be used in many ways, but not many of them can generate an additional business value. However, the strategies presented in this piece represent great perks for all sorts of businesses that want to improve their online visibility and general productivity. Therefore, include them in your business plans and get ready for a future governed by social networks.

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