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5 Perks of Keeping Young Employees Motivated

A successful business relies on a wide range of mutually inclusive elements. However, if only one of those segments stops working properly, both the business and its employees will suffer. In the light of the significantly altered labor market, it’s not always easy for business owners to find a way to keep their employees motivated. And if the majority of your employees are millennials, it becomes a pretty complex task. The lack of motivation can be exactly that one segment that ruins the harmony. Luckily, young employees can be motivated with some cutting-edge tricks.

Flexibility Boosts Productivity

People born in the 1980s and 1990s were raised by television and the Internet. This means only one thing – they can’t get up early in the morning and be in the office before 9am. So, if you force them to respect the old-school 9-5 work hours, you’ll suppress their creativity and motivation, instead of encouraging them. Therefore, let them choose two or three days a week when they can work from home. What’s more, introduce flexible work hours in the office, as well. Track their productivity during this experimental period. If their motivation and commitment to work increase, grant them more flexibility.

Frequent Team Building

Young people generally like to socialize. Therefore, if you give them a chance to spend more time with their colleagues, they’ll develop stronger bonds and make better results on their work tasks. What you can do to achieve this goal is organize team building sessions at least once a month. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive or pompous. For instance, throwing a barbecue party in the local picnic area will do. Moreover, go for big team building weekends at least twice a year. Such occasions should be organized by professionals, since they know how to differentiate the activities and meet the needs of every single employee.


Modern Office Design

People in their 20s (even in early 30s – unless they have a family) are still half-adolescents. This means that they need an interactive environment if you want to get their attention. Therefore, forget about the obsolete cubicle-based office space or the chaotic open-plan organization. Modern offices are usually wide spaces with a laid-back furniture arrangement. Business owners shouldn’t overcrowd their offices with too many workers. On the contrary, current trends emphasize the importance of individual private space. Millennials will love such a design and it will certainly make them more relaxed and creative at work.

Professional Improvement

Inspired and driven by the stimuli they receive from the entire world, modern young workers can’t stand stagnancy. They want to meet new people, gain new experiences and learn more about their field of expertise. In a recent conversation with the outsourcing squad from Crystel we learnt that this way of hiring staff can help your current employees improve their skills. When collaborating with people of similar interests who live in different parts of the globe, your workers will become more familiar with some new skills and attitudes. In return, they’ll feel more excited about their new projects. What’s more, cooperation with different outsourcers can lead to stronger business bonds in the future, resulting in more business travels for your employees and higher revenues for your venture.

Professional improvement

Never-ending Feedback

Young workers need constant approval. If they’re devoid of ongoing feedback, they soon lose interest in their work activities. As a result, something else draws their attention. To avoid such a situation with your young employees, instruct your team leaders to constantly support those employees. You should also join the party and send the most productive workers notes of appreciation. Also, encourage those less productive to work harder. For instance, visit all your teams a few times a month and hold a short, motivating speech. Finally, giving them occasional raises is the best feedback.

As you can see, nurturing your workers’ motivation is a combination of meticulously planned strategies and decisions made on the spur of the moment. So, if you want your young employees to stay loyal to your business and yield better results, include the instructions from this piece in your business plan. They’ll make your workers want to stay with you, which is the most valuable asset for every business owner.

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