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10 Eye-Catching Green Business Trends to Follow in 2017

The business world may be characterized by constant flux and flow, but greenification seems to have become a steady trend brands around the world are embracing in view of ensuring peak corporate results, expansion, and long-term sustainability. A recent study shows that the spike in awareness about environmental issues among consumers has prompted them to start placing increasingly green expectations on brands as one of the main corporate performance excellence benchmarks. The article focus on such green business trends which have strength to steal the show if proper attention given. 

The study has found 66% of respondents are eager to pay extra for offerings that fit the eco-friendly bill, which leads to a pretty unambiguous conclusion: brands that want to get their goods rolling in gold need to keep an eye out on eco-friendly trends and incorporate them into their line of business. If you want to go green with your business conduct in 2017, here are the top 10 green trends which you should follow and put to use without delay.


1. Energy Efficient Tech

One of the easiest ways to take your brand’s environmental game up a notch this year is to swap classic for energy-efficient office electronics. Printers, copiers, desktop computers, lighting, and break room appliances with Energy Star rating will take front and center in 2017 offices, helping boost environmental protection and cut long-term energy bills. This year, going eco with office tech will be the smartest investment in your brand’s future growth.

2. Renewable Energy

In 2017, businesses looking to max out their green value in consumers’ eyes will start switching to renewable energy sources, such as wind, geothermal, and solar power. Although the shift to solar energy entails high upfront costs, more and more brands will be ready to cash out for the sun-powered operation this year eyeing long-term savings. To take your brand’s environmental agenda to the top, pair energy-saving office appliances with solar panels – you won’t regret it.

3. Water-Saving Add-Ons

In the past decade, water scarcity became a major environmental concern, and fat business cats are finally coming round to the gravity of the issue. In 2017, an increasing number of workplaces will rock water-efficient gizmos such as tankless water heaters, low-flow faucets, aerators, and dual-flush toilets, helping green-minded brands water the seeds of customer appeal, profits, and steady market expansion.

4. A Green Building Move

Green building is another huge business trend that’s going to grow even bigger in 2017. Eco-safe offices built from sustainable materials will be the hottest commercial real estate market deal so if you want to lay green cornerstones for business growth, you may want to relocate your HQ to a building designed with environmental safety in mind.


5. Eco-Safe Landscaping

A beautifully landscaped lawn will turn clients’ heads, but a greenscaped office and its perimeter are bound to win over the pickiest of environment-loving customers. Eco-friendly landscaping is in this year, so if you want to go green with at-work greenery, now’s a perfect moment to start rolling out synthetic turf, adding drought-resistant plants to the office front yard, and planting hyperaccumulators to help cleanse the soil of contamination.


6. A Green Cleaning Deal

Organic cleaning supplies and toiletries fit the green business bill like a glove, so if you want to spread the fragrance of rapid growth across your corporate HQ, 2017 is as good a time as any to swap chemical-laden with natural cleaning staples. By going organic with cleaning staples, you’ll get to cut the ecological footprint of your office and claim the bragging rights as the greenest business in the neighborhood.


7. Upcycled Furnishings

More and more businesses are decking their offices with upcycled furniture these days, and the trend will persist throughout 2017. By reusing old furnishings and repurposing discarded timber, brands can reduce the amount of waste that will wind up in the landfill while at the same time sprucing up their HQs with cost-efficient pieces. Don’t throw out that old daybed: re-upholster it and touch up the paint instead, and your business and the environment will both get a small yet significant refreshment.

8. The Zero Waste Agenda

According to a Feeding America report, around 70 billion pounds of food ends up in waste every year in the U.S. alone. To counter pollution and world hunger by a single blow, food producers, catering services, and retailers will this year donate leftover bites to food banks and homeless shelters. Also, an increased number of grocery stores will switch to the zero food waste business model and recipe-based food delivery services, so if you’re doing business in the food industry, make sure to jump on the zero waste wagon in 2017.


9. Eco Waste Management

Recycling will be going as strong as ever this year, and eco-minded businesses will rock recycling bins for different types of waste. To keep your business on the safe side of the recycling bin, you can consult waste classification and analysis experts and inquire about best disposal techniques and practices that are in line with local waste management regulations.

10. Green Marketing is In

Companies around the globe continue are waking up to the benefits of green business conduct, so it comes as no surprise to see advertizing taking a turn for the greener, too. By reducing use of paper for advertizing purposes and

green business

greenifying marketing strategies, your brand can foster a closer connection with both consumers and the environment while trimming advertizing costs in 2017 at the same time.



green business

Judging by the looks of it, the future of business is painted in green shades across industries, and both customers and Mother Nature approve. If you want to hack rapid growth, peak profits, and increased customer appeal sans major brand philosophy and practice overhauls, be sure to take the eco-friendly cue in 2017: the upgrade to environmentally responsible operation will do your brand a lot of green good in the long run.

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