Woha!! Have You Thought Of Starting a Business After Retirement?

While, sometimes, your workday may seem too long and, in these moments, you just can’t wait for your retirement, keep in mind that retiring isn’t all moonlight and roses. Once they finally get to their retirement a lot of people suddenly realize that they have much more time on their hands than they ever wanted, but this is still not the biggest con here. The far greater problem is money. You see, your entire life you waited to retire so that you can take up a hobby or even travel the world, only to find that you can’t afford any of these. Luckily, both of these issues have a simple, yet elegant solution – starting your own business. With this in mind, here are a few business ideas suitable for people in early retirement.

1. Sell stuff on eBay

The first thing you can do is decide to sell all the stuff that you have been stockpiling for ages. Sure, sometimes, items will have a sentimental value but faced with an imminent financial crisis, you will simply have to start selling. The easiest way to decide where to start is the good old three-years principle. According to it, you should sell anything you haven’t used for at least three years. Once you see just how much people online value these antiques, you may decide to take one step further and start reselling items you purchase online. This way, you can become a real digital merchant.

2. Start writing

Another thing you should definitely try is becoming a writer. Those who have a story or two to tell could try writing their memoirs, while others might decide to focus on fiction. Everyone’s got at least one novel in them and you should try to get to yours. On the other hand, you could also decide to write a guidebook on all the skills and knowledge you acquired during your years in the industry. This is particularly great seeing how you’ll be writing about something you know well and have a sizable portfolio to back it up. Additionally, these could be particularly helpful to newcomers in your business niche.

3. Become a trainer

While writing textbooks may be a great way to teach people indirectly there are also a few more ways to profit from your talents. The most obvious way to do so is to become a skills trainer. This way, others can benefit from your experience and knowledge acquired through years of service, while you can use it as a way of improving your financial situation.

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4. Turn your hobby into a job

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This particular business idea is somewhat controversial, seeing how it might have a slow start, which doesn’t make it into an effective immediate financial aid. For instance, if you were to start selling your arts and crafts online, you might first have to buy adequate tools (provided you don’t already own them), materials and then start advertising a bit. Be that as it may, it might take you quite a while until this becomes something you can count on, which is why it might be a good idea to do an age pension income test and see if you can afford it.

5. Growing and selling organic food

The next great business idea in 2017 is growing and selling organic food. Here, you will need some land, some research and quite a bit of patience. The most crucial skills necessary to succeed in this business are the ability to make a natural home-made compost, creativity when it comes to the DIY irrigation systems and a platform to sell it through. When it comes to the last part, you can always head out to the farmers’ market and displaying your goods on a stand

6. Pet sitting

Finally, those who like animals and don’t have much to invest in their potential business can always turn to pet sitting. While this particular job doesn’t require many overhead costs, it is still far from simple. It requires you to be good with animals but also that you are able to present yourself as someone capable of doing this job. For this, you’ll need to be sensitive, calm, trustworthy and flexible, as well as possess many other traits and qualities. In other words, you need to look trustworthy and reliable.


As you can see, business opportunities for people in their retirement are ample and it is up to you to find the one you like best. One of the greatest difficulties regarding this issue is that you will most likely start from square one, which is never easy for someone who has spent decades in a different industry. Still, there are those who find this particularly refreshing.

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