Home made bioenzyme, an eco-friendly way to increase lifespan for sure!

Bioenzyme (also referred to as Garbage Enzyme or Fruit Enzyme) is a multi-purpose, natural cleaner produced from vegetable/fruit peels (usually citrus) or waste. It is an effective alternative to harsh chemicals we use in our households. This home made bioenzyme are a mixture of complex organic substances. It consists of proteins, salts and other materials that are by-products of the bacteria/yeast (naturally occurring).

Scientific analysis

An enzyme is a type of protein that can break up complex molecules into smaller pieces. Contrary to popular belief, enzymes are not living things.

Bio-enzymatic cleaners contain specific quantities and qualities of bacteria along with enzymes and microbial nutrients that essentially digest chemical and organic waste (soils).

The easiest thing to do!

Kalpana Manivannan writes in her blog – “I had started preparing “Bioenzyme” since last year and had never looked back since. I was looking for alternative solutions for home cleaners as I wanted to stop buying toxic chemical based cleaners for my home. That’s when I came across Bioenzyme. I had been reading about it for quite some time and was eager to try it out. After a couple of failed attempts, I finally got the hang of it. Though it sounds very scientific & a bit intimidating, it’s the easiest thing to do!”

What I need? In what quantity?

To have your bioenzyme, ingredients you need are – Fruit and/or vegetable peels, Jaggery  & Water. Yes, that’s it.

Remember the composition. Any home made bioenzyme must maintain the ingredient ratio of 1:3:10 for best results.

Then what?

Let’s keep it simple.

Take any 2 litter softdrink bottle. According to the ratio, add 100 grams jaggery, 300 grams fruit or vegitable peals(preferably citrus/lemon) and 1 litter water in it.

Now tap the bottle tightly and shake it well until you make sure all ingredients mixed well with each other.

As you’ve done the procedure, now it’s the time to keep the bottle at safe place atleast for 3 months. Let the solution decompose itself.

Remember one thing, you need to loose bottle cap slightly once in a day atleast upto 1 month. This will let all natural gases, generated as by-product of decomposition, release in to the air. It’ll also stabilize the internal pressure of the bottle back to normal.

After 3 months, take out the liquid part of the solution and that’s it! Your home made bioenzyme liquid is ready to use!

Please note

Once you extract liquid part from the bottle, the remaining residual peel can be used to start the next batch. This way, it should take only one month for the next batch of bioenzyme!

To speed up the process, you can add a 4th ingredient, a one teaspoon yeast powder. If you use this, your Bioenzyme will be ready in a month’s time.

Avoid using peals of onion, garlic and egg. Egg peals do not decompose in this case & onion,garlic peals worsen the smell of the liquid.

Why eco-friendly?

Bioenzyme cleaners contains microorganisms or ‘good’ bacteria to digest wastes, soils, stains and malodors.

These microorganisms produce enzymes specifically designed to break down certain molecules (wastes/soils) into smaller pieces which is ‘food’ for them. This ‘food’ is then converted into two basic compounds: carbon dioxide and water.

Other than odor control, some popular uses of bio-enzymatic cleaners are for washroom cleaning, food prep/kitchen area cleaning, and to remove spots and stains in carpets.

Overall, we can safely use such cleaners instead of using traditional cleaning chemicals and can contribute to lower toxocity of the environment.


There is a lot of good reason why you should make this; for one, it hardly takes few minutes to set up the process. It costs practically nothing. It’s one cleaner that cleans all kinds of surfaces like floor, kitchen counters, toilets etc.

Most importantly, this multipurpose cleaner is 100% natural, has zero chemicals and is made out of kitchen ingredients; meaning it’s practically made out of edible ingredients. So, there are absolutely no toxins whatsoever.

It saves you tons of money. It protects your family’s health. And it’s environment safe and doesn’t pollute the water bodies. So, you are not only helping yourself, you are also helping the planet!

You can find some common FAQs regarding facts and myth of bioenzyme here.

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