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Get $10k for your wedding but only if you stay together forever


We see numerous dating website and marriage match-making website where you may find your dream partner you can take your relationship forward and may get married with. But what if it will give fund to your marriage as well? Won’t it be a great if someone sponsors your wedding and help you to make it a lifetime event for you? But wait, do you think your love will last forever or relationship is permanent? Well this startup is willing to put up the funds for your wedding if you think it is.

8 common mistakes every startup should avoid

common mistakes

common mistakes

Almost every startup or small-business owners in any field share many of the same challenges. In this section, I have listed some common mistakes that are made again and again by people starting their own startup or venture. Let’s see one by one and try to focus on possible recommendations to avoid those.

Heavy Workload, Lack of Planning Can Kill Your Startup


Recent studies concluded by Greyhound Research, EMC India says the technology is helping startup to boost-up its existence by delivering unique and personalized experiences compared to medium and large scale companies in India. Indian startups are growing gradually at a slow and steady pace but sometimes they failed to utilize data and resources due to lack of proper planning and heavy workload on staff.

5 most innovative online retail stores across the globe


Online retail business is the most easy way how one can easily sell his or her goods on an e-commerce website. We see plenty of e-commerce websites and online retail stores earning millions per year and serving worldwide. Online retail business is an extremely popular business idea where numerous entrepreneurs are keen to kick-start just because of broad business scope and wider reach. Let’s have a look on such 5 most innovative online retail stores that can spark a nice business ideas among those who want to launch their own online retail startups.

A startup produces 3d printer filament from plastic wastes


Since last two decades, the pollution has been increased exponentially in India. Simultaneously, the growing population of the country also contribute its share in it. The newly launched ‘Swachh Bharat’ mission is still struggling to maintain its momentum and it has still a long way to go in order to see cleaner India. But one should not under estimate the strength of young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs across the country . They not only want technologically revolutionary life but also want their surrounding cleaner, healthier and eco-friendly. Since last couple of years, we have seen some startup who started working on recycling or waste management technologies and doing great these days. Let’s have a look on one of the best and the most innovative among them.

An Innovative Startup: Cyclercity – Eco-friendly Delivery Service


We are very much familiar with the effective transit system of Mumbai’s Dabbawalas. Their delivery system is considered as one of the most accurate and the most complex but the the real beauty is how economically and smartly it is being managed on day to day bases. Today we will have a look on an extremely innovative Bangaluru based startup named ‘Cyclercity’ which is an unique by nature and slowly becoming admirable how it delivers packages using bike messengers saving the commute time and traffic within the city limits.

Chennai Startup Develops Power Saver Device for Solar Units


Kripya Technologies, a Chennai-based startup set up by Dr V.G. Veeraraghavan in 2010, inspired by late Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, has turn out with the cost effective inverter that works in on-matrix as well as off-matrix modes. As a part of this significant advancement which can contribute a major help to the reception of sun energy in energy starved nations like India, a Chennai based startup has turn out with an unique power saver gadget – a dual mode micro-inverter.

Is opening petrol pump profitable in India?


Many people plans to launch a petrol pump. The idea is certainly good in the time when crude is the necessity for the economy and livelihood. But before implementing the idea it is advisable to do enough research and get expert opinion if required. Today we are going to learn the some facts and guidance related to the idea. Let’s have a look what Mr. Pankaj Singh, a Petroleum engineer from Rae Bareli, UP, India thinks of it.