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3 ways to know whether your startup idea already exists or not?


We are quite sure this question would have surely come in the mind of every entrepreneur who have launched their startups recently. Everybody wants to know whether his or her business startup idea is already exist? If yes, then since when? How it is doing at present? What is the market size? What are the scope of expansions? What did it do in initial stages? Are there any competitors not not? If yes, then how many? What are your scope of the success if you start the same business? These are bunch of questions which may rule on entrepreneur’s mind before launching any startup. But here, let’s concentrate on how to find whether your startup idea already exist or not?

Incubators – How They are Useful for Startup?



In country like India an incubator is a less popular word. In the simple language, it is a company or a group of experts that helps startup companies to grow by providing services such as management training and guidance. Typically incubators are focused on speeding up the growth and success of startups. This is the main reason why they are often referred as startup accelerators in India. They are considered to be a good path to gain capital from angel investors, governments, economic-development coalitions and other investors.

Next big startup ideas are coming from these science labs


Source: Economic Times

When Rajesh Gokhale sets up a new lab, he orders sophisticated equipment and some chemical reagents. For a research collaboration with the National Chemical Laboratory (NCL) in Pune, he ordered six buffaloes along with the regular stuff. He could have ordered elephants, but buffaloes were more manageable for the laboratory staff. These two animals have something in common. They get white patches on the skin, similar to the human disease leucoderma that Gokhale is now studying. Drug companies are not interested in finding a solution to leucoderma, as whiteskinned people do not find it a problem. Gokhale, the director of research body Indian Institute of Integrative Biology (IGIB) in Delhi, thinks he has done some new science that could help develop a drug.

5 most popular food startups in India

food startups

Now a days, the number of online food startups in India is surging attributable to the pattern where individuals are expected to work for extended hours at work or getting stuck in traffic. A notable piece of the professional population depends on food apps particular in form mobile apps where people can easily order their desired food instantly by just a few clicks. The startup scopes are growing exponentially as the young generation has shunned conventional jobs  for innovative, out of the box business ideas. Lately, the food startups have been grabbing the spotlight in the startup industry. So here are top 5 food startups gaining popularity in India.

An Inspiring Success Story Of Young Entrepreneur – Ritesh Agarwal

India is in a rushed to achieve big heights in terms of economy as well as lifestyle and this adjustment in Indian economy is a reflection of young talents who concoct innovative business thoughts. Such new startups are anticipated to be billion dollar organizations as time flows. Today we shall look into such inspiring success story of one of such young entrepreneur, Ritesh Agarwal who is one among numerous such abilities. He has started a new trend in standard budget hotel in India with his ‘OYO rooms’ chain and is considered to be one of the youngest CEOs in India.

5 extraordinary business ideas having bright future


Many new startups in the industry have well established face and stage. How about we check the new ones in the business that are likely to have a major effect in not so distant future. Today we will try to focus on some extraordinary business idea those may draw attention of many novice entrepreneurs.

4 most innnovative startups in Wedding Industry in India


Considering that wedding is a billion worth of industry in India, a percentage of the Indian startups are making the plunge with interests in this field and is making weddings a bother free occasion. Weddings are a major and lucrative issue that can join awesome business opportunities. Considering the occupied world and its hardship, individuals in India are getting excessively subject to the web. Furthermore, this is entirely obvious that why might somebody squander his time when everything from garments and bookings to adornments and endowments are all accessible only a tick away. So today we might concentrate on such new companies which can be a decent contextual analysis for the individuals who are searching for creative business thoughts.

Story of the Lisper from Gaya – Atif Haider



Atif Haider hailing from Gaya, a small town in Bihar,never thought he would make it big in the tech industry. He grew up in a household that had an academic atmosphere:both his parents were teachers and this helped influence Atif’s faith in education. His interest in programming began when he joined college. He initially joined Khalsa College in Delhi and started pursuing graduation in BCA. He, however, dropped out after an year and joined DY Patil College in Maharashtra for engineering.