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6 Tips Every Small Business Owner Needs To Know

small business owner

If you run an online business or are making a plan to start your own, it can prove a great idea to earn a sound income by selling products. Leaving the traditional way of physical business behind, the online business has come into the force with the advent of cutting-edge technology. But every small business owner must remember that running a successful business is not an easy task. Instead, it has its own set of challenges. And you can be a successful business person only when you beat these challenges with your knowledge, skills, hard work and talent.

PEAT – How This German Startup Going to Help Agriculture in India

peat agriculture startup

Being a farmer is never really easy anywhere in India. If the pests don’t get you the bad monsoons will, and if the monsoons don’t come then the moneylenders will, or to top it all off the chemicals can render the farm useless or the middlemen can fleece you by not paying a fair price for the produce. There are just too many negative elements at play. But all these negatives have presented themselves as an opportunity for a German startup which is trying to solve some of the issues facing farmers in the country’s agriculture sector.

Million Dollar Guide!! the LLC – How to Start a Business in US


Starting a small business in the United States can seem like a pretty daunting task. Whether you have a really great idea or you just want to do what you do best, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered and a lot of paperwork that needs to be filed. Naturally, you’ll have a lot of questions at each step of the process and often times the answers won’t be obvious. The truth is that a lot of owning and operating a business comes down to making choices that seem to fit your leadership style. That being said, a little help along the way is always nice and good advice is worth a lot more than it usually costs. This article is primarily focused on creation of LLC in US.

These 2 Young Entrepreneurs Have Proven Their Mettle!

Yound entrepreneurs

India has witnessed many successful and innovative startups since last decade. The country has produced an army of strong willed young entrepreneurs in recent time. They are on mission to boost country’s economy. More and more graduates prefer entrepreneurship over jobs. Some of these startups are truly innovative. They have power to inspire lots of other young entrepreneurs. Today I have compiled this article to focus on such inspiring story of two young entrepreneurs, Dhiraj Rajaram and Shiladitya Mukhopadhayaya.

Rs 2,000 crore Credit Guarantee Fund for Startups on the Anvil

The government is in the process of setting up a Rs 2,000 crore credit guarantee fund with a view to providing funding facilities to startups, a top official today said. “We are in the process of setting up a credit guarantee fund of Rs 2,000 crore corpus that will provide up to 80 per cent risk cover for collateral free credit being given by banks to startups,” Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) Secretary Ramesh Abhishek said.

Workers’ Rights! Startups, Don’t Ever Dare to Ignore it!

workers rights

Long gone are the days when workers were completely at the mercy of their employers. Employee rights have gained quite a lot of momentum since the 20th century. And today, they are a very important aspect in every single line of business. Today, there are more than 180 laws that protect employees to avoid discrimination in the workplace. You as an employee should always be aware of the most important ones among them. We have come up with 6 of them both you and your employer should know. It’s my gentle attempt to make workers aware of certain rights they can claims at the workplace. They belong to an employee and made for an employee.

OMG!! Haven’t Registered Your Business with Startup India Yet!

startup india

Since beginning of the year, India is focusing upon encouraging skilled people over degree holders. The country is constantly motivating skilled people for doing business and to register it with ‘Startup India’. It is the flagship initiative of the Government to facilitate and offer benefits to new startups. This article is certainly not for praising Startup India. Rather it is for those, who dream to launch their own business or startup. The article provide guidance on how to do startup or business registration and how to notify the Government about their start-ups to get maximum benefits under this campaign.

Incredible Effects of Sharing Economies on Hotel Industry!


Sharing economies are fast building their way into every industry. They disrupts the most business across the world. One of the two companies which began as the sharing economy pioneers are Uber and Airbnb. In fact such ventures have transformed the way we opt accommodation while we travel. Several companies have started to develop themselves in a similar way. This shows how the on demand or sharing or peer-to-peer economy has been influential enough to have so many companies develop in the same manner. On other side, the hotel industry is the traditional business that has gone radical changes due to this. Hotels and restaurants are most sorts after in times of travel and for food.