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8 Distinct Points Every Entrepreneur Must Take Care of While Marketing on LinkedIn for Small Business


Source: The WSJ

Social media is a very effective platform for marketing and promotion of your startup. Especially marketing on LinkedIn for small business is very important during initial stage promotions. Entrepreneurs often seek appropriate guidance for various common questions like, how to add company to LinkedIn? How to create a company page on LinkedIn? How to use LinkedIn effectively for business? Etc.  Let’s try to see how small business can make the most of LinkedIn? How to do all things correctly.

5 ‘OMG Damn Easy Fundraising Exercises Every Entrepreneur Forget to Consider



Fundraising is an extremely important exercise for every startup. Almost every entrepreneur spends lots of time and efforts to present bright picture of his/her business in front of investors. Particularly they collect facts and figures,  financials statistics and prepare pitches until either they get succeeded in convincing the investor or give up. But often they skip some basic exercises those can be vital in clinching funds from investors. Today I will try to describe some very basic exercises those should be never sidelined or neglected by an entrepreneur during fundraising efforts. These are actually basic elements of a fundraising plan.

Why you should avoid meeting an investor without doing this first, if you really want him investing in your business?



As we all know, an entrepreneur receives lots of advice like – please avoid this, don’t ever do that, you should focus on this, don’t run out of money & blah.., blah.., blah.. until his or her business or startup become self-sustaining and taste some success. The last one is certainly crucial and one should not neglect it. It’s possible that an entrepreneur may face difficulties to find a reliable investor whose investment funds keep the momentum going. Fundraising from investors is often considered to be a basic but complex exercise, but once you face the real market, you might feel like drowning in a mysterious world with unclear expectations. So for an entrepreneur what matters the most is, how to attract an investor and how to make him investing in the startup, but today I’ll focus on some key areas that are often critical to acquire attention of early-stage investors.

How to start a restaurant in India? Licenses required to open a restaurant in India


how to start a restaurant in india

The restaurant industry is extremely competitive and risky in countries like India where people of different culture consume verity of foods (veg. & non-veg.) with different tastes on daily bases. Though, despite tough competition from already registered and successfully running restaurants across the country, thousands of entrepreneurs dare to open a restaurant every year. Almost every cook, chef or any individual who have fond of cooking may have a dream of opening a restaurant. I often see such people finding a procedure for how to start a restaurant in India, especially how they can acquire required permits and licenses for it. Today I tried to enlist here all necessary steps one should follow to open a restaurant starting from initial business research and writing a restaurant business plan Let’s start from the scratch.

Updated: What is SWOT Analysis? How to do it for your startup?


Have you ever tried to find out what is SWOT analysis? And why it is advisable for any startup? Why it is necessary to analyze every small thing before taking any decision? Let’s have a quick definition. A SWOT analysis is a methodology ideal to describe your startup in terms of specific factors that can impact upon it. In SWOT analysis, the Strengths and Weaknesses of the business are measured (its internal resources and capabilities) first. Then business Opportunities and Threats (any external or internal dangers to the organisation) are identified. This article contains swot analysis definition and examples both and in easy to understand language.

8 Smart Steps to Boost Company Growth


To maintain sustainability is probably the most challenging task for every entrepreneur in today’s competitive world. But it is equally important that sustainability should not be achieved at the cost of company growth. The entrepreneur must balance his effort between keeping the momentum alive and  to take promising steps to ensure positive company growth. Commitment toward goal without distractions helps company to go to the next level.

A startup founder explains 3 questions you should ask yourself before starting a business


Launching a startup is easy if your idea is ready with you. But if you are still wondering what business to start, the thing becomes extremely difficult. Every successful business begins with a great or say unique idea which actually work at ground level. But again, the main question is, how do you know when you’ve found the one? Frameology founder and CEO, Ben Koren tells he had at least 15 ideas for a business before choosing the current one for a website that prints and frames photos.

8 common mistakes every startup should avoid

common mistakes

common mistakes

Almost every startup or small-business owners in any field share many of the same challenges. In this section, I have listed some common mistakes that are made again and again by people starting their own startup or venture. Let’s see one by one and try to focus on possible recommendations to avoid those.