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Brand Storytelling – How It’s Done and Why You Should Do It

brand storytelling

Stories stimulate our brain in ways simple language processing simply does not. The researchers from Emory University conducted an experiment in which the test subjects were asked to listen to elaborate metaphors about texture. The researchers noticed that their sensory cortex (the part of our brain that perceives texture through touch) became active. When subjects listened to simple descriptions that meant the same thing – no activity was detected. The study shows that the human brain experiences stories the same way it experiences real life occurrences, but what does this mean for brand marketing?

OMG!! 3 Sparking Reasons Why You Should Start a Top Tier Business

top tier

It’s extremely risky to try and start up your own online business from scratch. Research findings reveal that less than 20% of new businesses make it. Online businesses need a Top Tier like Business Model (like a franchise. Good example is The McDonalds) with a proven system that they can leverage to succeed. I am sure everyone understands how McDonalds operates in the US and other parts of the world. They simply leverage the efforts of their partners who do all the sales for them…even then they still have very high overhead costs.

Tips For Non-Technical Startup Founders In Need Of Web Development

web development

For nontechnical founders having experience of being in the business world, the greatest challenge is to navigate the technical components or functions. According to the point of view of a nontechnical founder that has worked with several teams or founders, there are multiple ways in which people from similar backgrounds can become successful in the software business say for example – web development.

What Are the Things to Look for When Hiring?


There are many uncertainties in business, but only one constant: one of the most important things in your startup is your staff. You can change your premises, renew your entire gear and even change your client base many times over, but it is the people who work beside you that make your company what it really is. Now, this raises a question of how to surround yourself with all the right people and the answer to this question is: you need first to know who to hire. In order to learn this, here are some tips on all the things to look for when hiring.

What Are Surety Bonds And How You Should Use Them

surety bonds

Serious business deals are usually worth millions of dollars, which is why every reasonable business owner will find a way to protect their business agreements. Surety bonds have proven to be a practical protective system that keeps every party safe and sound in every business deal. However, the line between those bonds, other bonds and insurance options can be pretty vague, so here are the basic differences.

How Freelance Generation Helps Startup Booming


As startup business emerged in the digital marketing world, the freelance generation has also boomed over the years. Gone are the days where you need to hire an HR employee and go through a series of interviews and selection process instead of dedicating this precious time in promoting your business.

5 facts why one should invest in Healthcare sector? What are the best healthcare mutual funds to invest in?


We all know the healthcare sector is an evergreen industry that has attracted number of people to invest their money for years. We also witnessed a trend where world’s leading business tycoons increased their association with healthcare sector.(see my previous article – Coming Soon – A gene editing startup backed by Bill Gates) Moreover, in the developing countries like Brazil and India, the healthcare sector is changing gears to move on from curative to preventive. With rising awareness levels both in the urban and rural areas and increasing disposable incomes, the future time is believed to witness a mammoth rise in such techniques. So in my today’s article I tried to share some facts why one should invest in Healthcare sector.

4 outstanding startup that dared to sail against the wind


Economic growth is at top in India since last few years. We have seen many startups giving spin in Indian startup industry with their revolutionary existence. An expanding number of startup ventures are endeavoring to make a space for themselves in a heightening and constantly growing business sector. Since last few years we can feel this wind of tremendous economic growth. Read about some outstanding startup that dared to sail against such wind of growth. Let’s have a look on such 6 outstanding startup who have successfully emerged by creating their own ways and achieving unique spot in the market.