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How to Run Your Cross-border E-commerce Business?

Cross-border E-commerce

Cross-border e-commerce market is an ever-increasing sector! A growing amount of entrepreneurs and other businessmen buy and sell products and services cross-border. The increasing numbers of business among international parties present a lot of new opportunities for entrepreneurs. Intra country trade and cross-border revenue generation is on peak. If you are one among those who are planning to run your cross-border e-commerce business then keep reading!

10 Eye-Catching Green Business Trends to Follow in 2017

green business

The business world may be characterized by constant flux and flow, but greenification seems to have become a steady trend brands around the world are embracing in view of ensuring peak corporate results, expansion, and long-term sustainability. A recent study shows that the spike in awareness about environmental issues among consumers has prompted them to start placing increasingly green expectations on brands as one of the main corporate performance excellence benchmarks. The article focus on such green business trends which have strength to steal the show if proper attention given. 

Woha!! 4 Incredible Business Advantages of Using Social Networks.


When people hear the term “social network”, the first idea that crosses their mind is sharing photos, entertaining statuses and other features of online socialization. Nevertheless, social networks are used in many more lucrative ways, but it’s not often visible on the surface of the Web. Indeed, businesses can gain higher visibility and greater work efficiency if they approach social media in a professional way. Stay with us in the next few paragraphs and learn more about the business power of online social networking.

10 Most Innovative Startups In India, You Must Know More About

innovative startups

There was a time when joining multi-national companies was the sole aim of graduates in India. Today they want to run their own businesses. Needless to say, with the passion to offer something innovative, young entrepreneurs are coming up with superb out-of-the-box ideas. While we are seeing a multitude of start-ups springing up here and there, some of them are extremely kickass and have some cool and innovative ideas! Here’s a list of 10 best innovative startups in India.

Women on top – the change from a housewife to a CEO

women entrepreneurs

We need to accept the fact that we live in a patriarchal society. Women are the minority and whatever we achieve is supposedly beyond expectation. Women are categorized as the weaker lot. We are supposed to be protected from ‘the prowling man’. This is how the world functions. This is how we have segregated our society from day one. Women are considered as the homemakers and men as the bread earners. Women had one aim in life – To find a suitable husband. The one who can protect her from all the evils in the society, and this society has lived with this ideology through different ages.

3 Effective Local SEO Tips to Boost Your Business or Club

local seo

Local SEO’s rising popularity and usage have been more on the rise now than it was a couple of years before. As users tend to get more picky and specific with what they want, Google starts responding to them too. Oftentimes you find users searching for a specific product or service in a specific location rather than using generic terms. This, in turn, forces business and or clubs to optimize their local SEO to dominate the search engine.

Which Business Model Suits You Best – Offshoring, on-shoring or near-shoring?

business model

The complexity of the present-day business environment more often than not implies that the search for workable and scalable growth cannot be accomplished in-house. The resource and production facilities are unfortunately difficult to attain at one’s doorstep, as many might prefer. As choosing right business model and business plan are crucial, established entrepreneurs decide to look for a remote location to handle a part of or the entire process of manufacture. Three most popular business models that appear to interest most entrepreneurs are offshoring, near-shoring and on-shoring, and the following article outlines some of the basics of each business model in order to aid you in choosing the one that best suits the needs of your line of work. And I’m quite sure each business model and strategy is certainly going to help you to opt for your right direction.

How Important Is Education For Success In Business?


The best combination for a person craving for success in the business world is a master’s degree and many years of experience. That would be in accordance with modern business trends. The effect your education will have on your career will depend on the career you pursue, as well as your social and economic status. Let’s focus on how important the education is.