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Dan Radak Explains Finest Ways to Find Investors for Startup Business


You can’t believe it finally happened: you were blessed with your very own light bulb moment! You have a brilliant, unique and innovative idea that is sure to make you a ton of money. You have the will to put in the hard work to make it happen. But the one thing you don’t have is the funding to start your business. Startups are springing up like mushrooms after the rain. Here are some strategies to help you to find investors (or investors group) and secure the financial backup your business sorely needs.

These 2 Young & Creative Women Entrepreneurs are Focusing on Global Market

pallavi mohadikar divya nambiar women entrepreneurs

In a market saturated with multiple players and thousands of brands, it becomes very difficult for new entrepreneurs specially women entrepreneurs to make inroads and gain that initial momentum. The real world scenarios are always have roadblock of an entrepreneurship particularly for women in the country.  That explains why these two feisty young women decided to look beyond our shores to gain appreciation for their traditional yet trendy products that give the best of Indian textile and jewellery modern twists. The article shows how they accepted every challenges and carved their own path. Really impressive! 

4 Basic Conversion Rate Optimization Mistakes Marketer Must Avoid

conversation rate

You want to have your website built to look great, but you also want to gain traffic. What you really need is – a dedicated team to work on your site’s search presence. With content marketing, it plays a vital role in CRO as it brings traffic, however, if things are not in its correct place, you will not receive a rise in your leads and sales. Compared to science, conversion rate optimization is similar and many digital markers believe that by having an excellent design is the best – we disagree.

7 E-Commerce Rules By Which Every Entrepreneur Should Abide

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Succeeding in the world of e-commerce isn’t just about the products you sell or the prices you sell them for. In fact anyone with at least a bit of experience in retail could easily conclude that e-commerce is the future. It requires an online business customers can find, navigate and purchase from with ease. Here are seven e-commerce rules all entrepreneurs should abide by to attract more and more online visitors. And off course, keep them turning into customers. Bellow are some success rules those can certainly help e-commerce store owner if well taken care of. All of these tips seem quite simple and may appear and logical.

Why Green Business Is the Future of Industries?

green business

Corporate America is witnessing a green business bonanza these days. Most of the companies from various business niches decided to implement green marketing concept and make their business ecologically responsible. Therefore in this article, we will analyze the phenomenon of green business growth. Also try to determine why some of the most successful corporate entities decided to stand for environmental and social causes. All these efforts are just to justify of our effectiveness to save future generation from possible poisonous environmental circumstances. 

What Startup Tech Support Businesses Should Know About Credit Card Processing?

startup credit-card-processing

Since last few years, the importance of credit cards and payment gateways are widely gaining popularity across the globe. Startup and businesses can’t afford to avoid it. They must facilitate their customers for online payment options. Here, the credit card processing comes into the picture which is the most important thing to consider. The following is an interview with Jacob Motley, the Vice President of Sales with Soar Payments. Which is a high risk credit card processor that supports US and India. He has talked about tech support companies on credit card processing presenting facts and logical views. 

5 Prerequisites for Steady Growth of a Modern SMB

smb growth

The road to the top is usually a long and winding one, especially if we’re talking in terms of modern SMB (Small and Medium-sized Business) conditions. On one side, we have hundreds of business tools and strategies, available at a click of a computer mouse. On the other, literally tens of millions of people are trying to do the same and make success both online and offline. While every business needs to possess a certain X-factor, as well, every entrepreneur should follow five basic guidelines if they want to give their online business firm foundations.

5 Things That Can Go Wrong When Starting a Business

business start

Smart people learn from their own mistakes but wise people learn from the mistakes of others. Therefore, each novice entrepreneur needs to pay attention to the following list of the possible hurdles those can occur when starting a business. These tips can certainly help entrepreneurs to avoid such problems from their startup or future entrepreneurship. If entrepreneurs carefully manage to eliminate these common obstacles, he may not need to consult any expert for the same. Not only this, but it will also help entrepreneurs to tighten grip on their business as well. After all these tips will gonna help to enrich an entrepreneurial experience of entrepreneurs to some great extent. 🙂 🙂