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6 Reasons You Should Start a Business Right Now

start business right now

start a business

You have a lot of good business ideas but you are waiting for a good time to put them to good use, probably when you have access to some cash or you are waiting for the environment to change in favor of one of those ideas, so you keep giving yourself many more reasons why you have to wait and wait. What I believe is, this  is the best time to start your business. Here are 6 reasons why:

Build Business That You Love, Passionate About

Build Business

build business, building business

Success is not just about making money for the many entrepreneurs. But is more importantly about impacting other people’s lives as well as doing what you really love. One of the most best profitable business skill is “compassion”. If you learn to embrace compassion, you will experience success in your business much quicker. Expert say you should always build business that you love or you are passionate about.

Importance of Employee-First Culture for your Business

Employee First


Workers are not just any part of your business organization, they are its mainspring. Without them, it is impossible for a business to run smoothly. Yet, research has shown that only 13% of employees feel engaged at their jobs. A bulk of modern companies seems committed to the mission of creating an army of corporate zombies whose only motivation is to collect the paycheck at the end of the month. On the brighter note, there is a breath of fresh air in the business world. It comes in the form of the entrepreneurs determined to put the workers back in focus. Since last decade, an importance of ‘employee first’ work culture has increased tremendously. Let’s try to focus on things which have forced the adoption and growth of employee first culture in corporate world.

Startup Risk Analysis is not Trivial – Robert Sherwood


It is not trivial, nor obvious, to define the initial risk of a new business. I am not talking abut the risk of success, but the risk in the underlying concept. Let me give you an example. Ten stores exist on a street and each store sells oranges, but no apples. You elect to start a store selling Oranges. What is your risk? More than likely it is not market.

Don’t Start to Fail. Make mistakes instead.


Almost everyday I come across publications on how important it is for a startup to avoid failure in order to succeed. While I understand the essence of this and where these authors are coming from, I feel there are so many of the failure buzzwords around startups already that entrepreneurs, unconsciously, internalizes and expects their product or service to fail right from the very start. There is a huge need to communicate this differently, and by that, I mean the exact way it is i.e. they are bound to make mistakes, not fail. Just remember – everybody makes mistakes

Technical Solutions Adequate to your Business Needs


Kicking off a successful startup requires a lot of hard work. Depending on the amount of initial investment and overall requirements of your industry, you will need an adequate set of tools in order to successfully design, test, evaluate, manufacture and service your products or services. Apart from testing your brilliant idea, doing the initial market research and transforming your intentions into a business plan, there are many things to take into account that we sometimes tend to forget. This overview should help you remember the key performance indicators to take into account when choosing the technical solutions adequate to your business needs.

Why you should avoid meeting an investor without doing this first, if you really want him investing in your business?



As we all know, an entrepreneur receives lots of advice like – please avoid this, don’t ever do that, you should focus on this, don’t run out of money & blah.., blah.., blah.. until his or her business or startup become self-sustaining and taste some success. The last one is certainly crucial and one should not neglect it. It’s possible that an entrepreneur may face difficulties to find a reliable investor whose investment funds keep the momentum going. Fundraising from investors is often considered to be a basic but complex exercise, but once you face the real market, you might feel like drowning in a mysterious world with unclear expectations. So for an entrepreneur what matters the most is, how to attract an investor and how to make him investing in the startup, but today I’ll focus on some key areas that are often critical to acquire attention of early-stage investors.

7 Reasons to Make in India. How safe Foreign Direct Investment in India?

make in india

make in india

A friend of mine who works in a well known Swiss watch manufacturing company here in Sweden recently informed me about his company’s plan to start a manufacturing unit in India under Make in India campaign launched by Indian Government. It surprised me as I was under impression that no Swiss watch manufacturing company can ever think of manufacturing watches outside Sweden. It certainly made me wonder what is so special about Make in India that is attracting outside players to invest in the country.