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First of all, I had to admit that I had read many e-books before┬ástarting my business. Damn, it was almost horrible exercise. Specially books related to business startups, business strategies, business plans, the reading was terrible. Frankly speeking, reading such e-books is never ever necessary. I just read them to satisfy my curiosity. But at least you will know what what experts says, how these all should be theoretically? Hence, in my opinion you may get some ideas and the important thing is you really have nothing to loose just in reading ­čÖé ­čÖé So stay relaxed.

Therefore I would like to enlist some ebook links bellow. I strongly believe, going through it will certainly help any novice entrepreneur to get some idea related to business startup.


E-books for your startup and increase earning (My Favorite)

Business Templates & spreadsheets

If you are looking to start your own business, you would certainly need to do some paperwork in order to deal with authority, customers, vendors, suppliers or even with your own staff. It is also possible that during initiation process, you also need some good template to write your own business plan. You may also need some presentation templates, So we also included power point templates here.

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We understands your need and tried to make a one place collection where you can find all necessary business templates and can download it for free.

you can also contribute with your template if you think it is really helpful to others. Contact us to send your template.

  1. Order

    1. Purchase Order
    2. Price Quote
    3. Delivery Note
  2. Receipts

    1. Rent Receipt
    2. Cash Receipt
    3. Sales Receipt
  3. Invoices

    1. Simple Invoice
    2. Service Invoice
    3. Sales Invoice
    4. Proforma Invoice
    5. Invoice Register
  4. Budget Planner

    1. Event Fundraiser
    2. Monthly Budget Planner
    3. Weekly Budget Planner
    4. Party Budget Planner
    5. Checkbook Register
  5. Timesheets & Payroll

    1. Weekly Timesheet
    2. Weekly Timesheet with breaks
    3. Staff Rotation Schedule Template
  6. Business Plans

    1. Business Plan by Department of Industry, Innovation & Science, Govt. of Australia
    2. BDC’s business plan template
    3. One Page Business Plan (PDF)
    4. Business Plan for Small Business (Startup)
    5. Business Plan Guide
  7. Mics.

    1. Small Business Cash-flow Protection
    2. Profit & Loss Statement
    3. Balance-Sheet
    4. Balance-Sheet-New
    5. Customer Life Time Calculator
    6. Market Analysis up to 4 years
    7. Marketing Budget
    8. Sales Forecast
    9. Startup Capital Estimation
    10. SWOT Analysis
    11. Simple NDA
    12. Business Proposal


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