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As we all know, running a business is like roaming in heaven. And if you hate doing job for someone else, then owning your own small business might be your dream. Are you planning to start business? You’ll be your own boss. Is it that much tough? No, certainly not. Is it challenging? Umm, isn’t every task challenging? For running a business, do you need to be wealthy and well-educated with a lengthy resume? No, not at all!

Believe me, starting your own company is much easier than you imagine. We see plenty of people surfing internet and searching about how to start my own business. So how would you do it, and make it work? Plan, plan, plan! There are some tried and true ways to head down the path of creating your own business, and there is no time like the present to get started. What you need to do is just proper business planning.

Every year, lots of people across the world take a leap of faith and start their own business. This itself requires a lot of hard work, and many end up failing. But for those who survive, the rewards of entrepreneurship are well worth the obstacles they face on the road to success. Let’s have some brief how it should be done.

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Decide and define goals

Say for example, if you want starting your own small business from home, what is your main goal or agenda to start business? Do you want financial independence or eventually selling your products or services to targeted customer? Do you want something small and sustainable, that you love doing and want to derive a steady income from? Are you passionate about starting your own company or starting a small business at home? All these are few very basic yet important things those are good to know about, before you actually start business.

Product or service?

It might be a product you’ve always wanted to make, or a service you feel people need. It might even be something people don’t aware of it. Do a proper market analysis of what people actually required. For what they are facing hardship.

Remember one golden rule, only those business get survived and get success which can make customer life easy and better. It can be in form of a product or in form of a service. So make your selection accordingly.

Create business identity

You could even do this before if you already have an idea for the business, and if the name is good, you may find it helpful to define your business ideas. As your plan grows, and things begin to take shape, the perfect name may come to you, but don’t let that hinder you in the early phases. Create a name that you can use while you plan and don’t hesitate to change it later.

If possible do not forget to create an online as well as social presence of your business. Create website, create Twitter account and a Facebook page as those are unavoidable these days. Keep these stuffs updated every time. You can even do this from your smart phone.

Keep expenses low and track them regularly.

During startup, you should always limit your expenses. Make a practice to track all the expenses. The best way to achieve this is whenever you are planning something related to business costing or an expansion, always overestimate expenses and underestimate revenue generation. Such practice surely results in notable profit in your business. You can also make use of expense tracker apps from your smart phone to keep track of all your expenses.

These are extremely simple and accurate tip of those who want to start business. You can have a look on out best article describing 6 easy steps to start your own business.


I strongly believe this guide will certainly give you some idea about how to build your own business and what would you need to do for it. Please feel free to express your views in comments. Best Luck!

Have a wonderful day!!


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