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We encourage people to come forward and to share their ideas with others Because we strongly believe that such advice and experiences are able enough to prevent others repeating many unwanted and unnecessary mistakes.  Are you running your own business? If yes then why don’t your share your experience of your entrepreneurial journey with other. We would love to here and publish your story on our website.

How did you planned? How did you started implementing your business idea? How did you raise funding? How did you manage to find investors? How did you manage office or business space? What legal procedures you followed to launch your startup? How did you manage staffing? What marketing strategies you applied? Did you use social media campaigning? Did you manage to get your business website? Your answers to all these questions can guide any newbie entrepreneur toward right path.

Your story may inspire others who want to start their own business but looking for appropriate guidance. So come forward and grab this wonderful opportunity to share your experiences with us.

Fill your details, attach your story in .doc, .docx or in .pdf format and press submit button. We’ll publish your story on our website within a week along with your name.

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