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Brand Storytelling – How It’s Done and Why You Should Do It

brand storytelling

Stories stimulate our brain in ways simple language processing simply does not. The researchers from Emory University conducted an experiment in which the test subjects were asked to listen to elaborate metaphors about texture. The researchers noticed that their sensory cortex (the part of our brain that perceives texture through touch) became active. When subjects listened to simple descriptions that meant the same thing – no activity was detected. The study shows that the human brain experiences stories the same way it experiences real life occurrences, but what does this mean for brand marketing?

4 Smart Tips to Follow While Outsourcing Your Brand Development

brand development

Brand development is an important part of any business success and it deserves due attention. Even though self-sufficiency is a worthy goal towards which many businesses strive, sometimes it is simply not an option. When this happens, you will have to find a way to deal with it. In these situations, most companies (especially startups) decide to outsource some of their operations to outside services. Brand development is an important part of any business success and it deserves due attention. Now, outsourcing can truly be a saving grace. However, before you decide to wholeheartedly accept it, it would be good if you were to learn as much as you can about it.

How to Brand Your Startup? How to brand your business name?

How to brand

Since last decade, online marketing or say internet marketing has become a crucial and unavoidable exercise for each business or startup to build a brand. A report says nearly 2 million startup get failed to survive every year just because they don’t know how to brand themselves. “A brand” is one of the most common word that everybody uses very well but nobody actually understands.