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Incredible Effects of Sharing Economies on Hotel Industry!


Sharing economies are fast building their way into every industry. They disrupts the most business across the world. One of the two companies which began as the sharing economy pioneers are Uber and Airbnb. In fact such ventures have transformed the way we opt accommodation while we travel. Several companies have started to develop themselves in a similar way. This shows how the on demand or sharing or peer-to-peer economy has been influential enough to have so many companies develop in the same manner. On other side, the hotel industry is the traditional business that has gone radical changes due to this. Hotels and restaurants are most sorts after in times of travel and for food.

Awesome!! Trademark Registration = Legal Security to the Business


The unique process, product, technology or service developed by an individual or an organization must be protected from infringement. The protection of these intellectual properties is granted to the owner with the help of the intellectual property right. The intellectual property rights include the Confidentiality and Assignment Agreement for Employees, Trade secret, Confidentiality Agreements, Patent, Service marks, Copyrights and Trademarks. A trademark is referred to as the branding of the name by the businesses as an identification mark. It helps to differentiate services and goods from the others in the commerce.

How to Promote Your Business in 5 Practical Ways

how to promote your business

The most important aspect of a new business is to have a knowledgeable professional at the front. It is usually the owner of the enterprise and they are in charge of organizing the professional part of the entire work organization. On the other hand, letting more people know about your business and its abilities is another kettle of fish. According to some recent statistics, everyday around 2 million people search internet for – how to promote your business. Frankly speaking, it can be done in dozens of different ways, so here are some practical and the most useful ones.