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10 Eye-Catching Green Business Trends to Follow in 2017

green business

The business world may be characterized by constant flux and flow, but greenification seems to have become a steady trend brands around the world are embracing in view of ensuring peak corporate results, expansion, and long-term sustainability. A recent study shows that the spike in awareness about environmental issues among consumers has prompted them to start placing increasingly green expectations on brands as one of the main corporate performance excellence benchmarks. The article focus on such green business trends which have strength to steal the show if proper attention given. 

Incredible Effects of Sharing Economies on Hotel Industry!


Sharing economies are fast building their way into every industry. They disrupts the most business across the world. One of the two companies which began as the sharing economy pioneers are Uber and Airbnb. In fact such ventures have transformed the way we opt accommodation while we travel. Several companies have started to develop themselves in a similar way. This shows how the on demand or sharing or peer-to-peer economy has been influential enough to have so many companies develop in the same manner. On other side, the hotel industry is the traditional business that has gone radical changes due to this. Hotels and restaurants are most sorts after in times of travel and for food.

6 Reasons You Should Start a Business Right Now

start business right now

start a business

You have a lot of good business ideas but you are waiting for a good time to put them to good use, probably when you have access to some cash or you are waiting for the environment to change in favor of one of those ideas, so you keep giving yourself many more reasons why you have to wait and wait. What I believe is, this  is the best time to start your business. Here are 6 reasons why:

5 extraordinary business ideas having bright future


Many new startups in the industry have well established face and stage. How about we check the new ones in the business that are likely to have a major effect in not so distant future. Today we will try to focus on some extraordinary business idea those may draw attention of many novice entrepreneurs.

4 most innnovative startups in Wedding Industry in India


Considering that wedding is a billion worth of industry in India, a percentage of the Indian startups are making the plunge with interests in this field and is making weddings a bother free occasion. Weddings are a major and lucrative issue that can join awesome business opportunities. Considering the occupied world and its hardship, individuals in India are getting excessively subject to the web. Furthermore, this is entirely obvious that why might somebody squander his time when everything from garments and bookings to adornments and endowments are all accessible only a tick away. So today we might concentrate on such new companies which can be a decent contextual analysis for the individuals who are searching for creative business thoughts.

Only 10% of startups will be successful: TV Mohandas Pai


Source: Economic Times

Even as the startup ecosystem is thriving in the country, former Infosys director TV Mohandas Pai believes that only 10 per cent of the new-age companies would be successful while a majority of these would fail.

Still, startups are set emerge as a major job creator in the country if government evolves an enabling policy environment for these budding firms, say Pai.

7 Small Business Trends for 2016

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Source: Inc.com

We often see many people who owns small businesses experiment different strategies in the hopes of increasing their business growth and overall revenue generation. However, trial and error can be costly and result in the waste of time and money. So, the important thing is – Where should they concentrate efforts in order to achieve the greatest returns in the business?

How to freelance your skills


Source: Entrepreneur.com

If you have got bored of just being on the regular job or looking to increase your income, you can consider freelancing your skills.

Ok, let me ask you other way round. Are dreams of freelancing dancing throughout your mind? If you’re agree, now’s a great time to try your hands on it. As companies scale back on their expensive, benefit-heavy workforce, they’re increasingly turning to outside(freelance) help. If you get a chance to showcase your expertise in the right areas, there’s a good scope for you into a freelance career.