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Why Setting Up Plastic Pyrolysis Plant Could be a Game Changer Idea?

Plastic Pyrolysis plant

Together with the current developments in plastic manufacture industries, there’s been an increased use of waste plastic, rubber and tires. Disposing the plastic waste is a huge challang currently we face to save the environment. And also, since many countries are trying to find new powers on a daily basis, many have resorted to getting pyrolysis like a strategy of converting waste into constant flow of wealth. Plastic pyrolysis plant is certainly a best remidy for such waste management.

Make Fuel from Plastic Waste!! Use this 3-Step process called Plastic Pyrolysis

fuel from plastic waste plastic pyrolysis 1

An Indian mechanical engineer, Satish Kumar, claims that he is able to generate fuel from plastic waste using a 3-step reverse engineering process known as plastic pyrolysis. involves indirectly heating the plastic in a vacuum, after which it goes through depolymerisation, gasification, and condensation. Adoption of such process can resolve much of the waste management issues across the globe.

10 Most Innovative Startups In India, You Must Know More About

innovative startups

There was a time when joining multi-national companies was the sole aim of graduates in India. Today they want to run their own businesses. Needless to say, with the passion to offer something innovative, young entrepreneurs are coming up with superb out-of-the-box ideas. While we are seeing a multitude of start-ups springing up here and there, some of them are extremely kickass and have some cool and innovative ideas! Here’s a list of 10 best innovative startups in India.

These 2 Young & Creative Women Entrepreneurs are Focusing on Global Market

pallavi mohadikar divya nambiar women entrepreneurs

In a market saturated with multiple players and thousands of brands, it becomes very difficult for new entrepreneurs specially women entrepreneurs to make inroads and gain that initial momentum. The real world scenarios are always have roadblock of an entrepreneurship particularly for women in the country.  That explains why these two feisty young women decided to look beyond our shores to gain appreciation for their traditional yet trendy products that give the best of Indian textile and jewellery modern twists. The article shows how they accepted every challenges and carved their own path. Really impressive! 

OMG!! 3 Sparking Reasons Why You Should Start a Top Tier Business

top tier

It’s extremely risky to try and start up your own online business from scratch. Research findings reveal that less than 20% of new businesses make it. Online businesses need a Top Tier like Business Model (like a franchise. Good example is The McDonalds) with a proven system that they can leverage to succeed. I am sure everyone understands how McDonalds operates in the US and other parts of the world. They simply leverage the efforts of their partners who do all the sales for them…even then they still have very high overhead costs.

Get $10k for your wedding but only if you stay together forever


We see numerous dating website and marriage match-making website where you may find your dream partner you can take your relationship forward and may get married with. But what if it will give fund to your marriage as well? Won’t it be a great if someone sponsors your wedding and help you to make it a lifetime event for you? But wait, do you think your love will last forever or relationship is permanent? Well this startup is willing to put up the funds for your wedding if you think it is.

An Innovative Startup: Cyclercity – Eco-friendly Delivery Service


We are very much familiar with the effective transit system of Mumbai’s Dabbawalas. Their delivery system is considered as one of the most accurate and the most complex but the the real beauty is how economically and smartly it is being managed on day to day bases. Today we will have a look on an extremely innovative Bangaluru based startup named ‘Cyclercity’ which is an unique by nature and slowly becoming admirable how it delivers packages using bike messengers saving the commute time and traffic within the city limits.

5 extraordinary business ideas having bright future


Many new startups in the industry have well established face and stage. How about we check the new ones in the business that are likely to have a major effect in not so distant future. Today we will try to focus on some extraordinary business idea those may draw attention of many novice entrepreneurs.