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Dan Radak Explains Finest Ways to Find Investors for Startup Business


You can’t believe it finally happened: you were blessed with your very own light bulb moment! You have a brilliant, unique and innovative idea that is sure to make you a ton of money. You have the will to put in the hard work to make it happen. But the one thing you don’t have is the funding to start your business. Startups are springing up like mushrooms after the rain. Here are some strategies to help you to find investors (or investors group) and secure the financial backup your business sorely needs.

5 ‘OMG Damn Easy Fundraising Exercises Every Entrepreneur Forget to Consider



Fundraising is an extremely important exercise for every startup. Almost every entrepreneur spends lots of time and efforts to present bright picture of his/her business in front of investors. Particularly they collect facts and figures,  financials statistics and prepare pitches until either they get succeeded in convincing the investor or give up. But often they skip some basic exercises those can be vital in clinching funds from investors. Today I will try to describe some very basic exercises those should be never sidelined or neglected by an entrepreneur during fundraising efforts. These are actually basic elements of a fundraising plan.

Why you should avoid meeting an investor without doing this first, if you really want him investing in your business?


Source: fortune.com

As we all know, an entrepreneur receives lots of advice like – please avoid this, don’t ever do that, you should focus on this, don’t run out of money & blah.., blah.., blah.. until his or her business or startup become self-sustaining and taste some success. The last one is certainly crucial and one should not neglect it. It’s possible that an entrepreneur may face difficulties to find a reliable investor whose investment funds keep the momentum going. Fundraising from investors is often considered to be a basic but complex exercise, but once you face the real market, you might feel like drowning in a mysterious world with unclear expectations. So for an entrepreneur what matters the most is, how to attract an investor and how to make him investing in the startup, but today I’ll focus on some key areas that are often critical to acquire attention of early-stage investors.