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Startup India – How Startup In India Can Revive The Economy?

startup india

As we all know, Startup India is a much appreciated, much needed and an innovative initiative of the Government of India for encouraging people for startup in India and thus to invite them in country’s main economy stream in order to form better and strong economy. The campaign is equally ambitious as Make In India program. The vision behind Startup India is to drive sustainable economic growth and accelerate employment opportunities. Recently I got a chance to meet a visionary industry expert and entrepreneur Mr. Hardik Bhatt who shared his important views and opinion about Startup India campaign and also presented some statistics based on his deep research and studies. In following article, I have written about all discussion we had during our conversation.

7 Reasons to Make in India. How safe Foreign Direct Investment in India?

make in india

make in india

A friend of mine who works in a well known Swiss watch manufacturing company here in Sweden recently informed me about his company’s plan to start a manufacturing unit in India under Make in India campaign launched by Indian Government. It surprised me as I was under impression that no Swiss watch manufacturing company can ever think of manufacturing watches outside Sweden. It certainly made me wonder what is so special about Make in India that is attracting outside players to invest in the country.