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Workers’ Rights! Startups, Don’t Ever Dare to Ignore it!

workers rights

Long gone are the days when workers were completely at the mercy of their employers. Employee rights have gained quite a lot of momentum since the 20th century. And today, they are a very important aspect in every single line of business. Today, there are more than 180 laws that protect employees to avoid discrimination in the workplace. You as an employee should always be aware of the most important ones among them. We have come up with 6 of them both you and your employer should know. It’s my gentle attempt to make workers aware of certain rights they can claims at the workplace. They belong to an employee and made for an employee.

Getting Your Startup Out Of Debt – Effective Strategies


A difference between a business that succeeds and the one that struggles can mean taking on the right amount of debt at the right time. According to SBE Council statistics, about a half of new businesses survive the first 5 years, while only one third is there after a decade. The reasons for their failure are usually too much debt, poor credit arrangements and insufficient capital.